[News] Nikon D3200, WU-1a Transmitter, and 28mm 1.8G Leaked!

[News] Nikon D3200, WU-1a Transmitter, and 28mm 1.8G Leaked!

Due later tonight is an official announcement of Nikon's new D3200 DSLR. But Nikon Switzerland seems to have beaten the rest of the world to the punch. They published a wonderful PDF: a price list outlining Nikon's entire line-up -- including the D3200, a wireless transmitter, and new lens...

Via Nikonrumors.com

Nikon D3200 Rumored Specs:
- 24MP
- ISO 100-6400 (Hi 12,800)
- 11 AF Points
- Improved Video
- Somewhere in the $700-800 range (the document puts it at ~$760 after conversion from the Swiss Franc)

What features the WU-1a wireless transmitter will have is still uncertain. But we do have a rough price: $50. Either Nikon will be sure to make it slow and missing some key feature, or we'll all be wondering why we're paying $800 more for the same thing on the D4. Time will tell.
Update: At second glance, the WU-1a is described as a "wireless mobile adapter" while the pro wireless adapters are referred to as "W-Lan adapter sets." Maybe that hints toward a difference. What could it be?

Also announced through this PDF is a new lens: the 28mm 1.8G AF-S. At first glance, it seems to add to the 50mm 1.8G AF-S. But an approximate $900 price tag and 67mm filter thread points to a heftier beast. This is sounding more like a budget replacement for the outrageous 24mm 1.4 AF-S

For those that like to see for themselves, here's link to that PDF.

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Link to that PDF dont work

Michele Agius's picture


Damn, would be so cool if there was a more cheap wireless transmitter!

If the D400 is an FX 24MP, I'll cancel my D800 order and get 2xD400 :)

Honnestly Nikon must bring out another FX body.... Even if build in Taiwan, the difference between the D4 and D800 is too big, I can't wait to get my hand on my D800 but really, if D400 is FX 24MP, it should be enough for my work as I shoot everything in a studio (90-95%)

I am wondering when the D7000 will be out, any clues???

the D7000? its allready out for a long time..heheeehh

Sorry, I meant the replacement of the D7000.  I have save for it and now saving for some nice glass, but I dont want to buy the D7000 and in a few months Nikon anounce the D7100

$900 for a 28 1.8?? are you out of your mind??  stupid....