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[News] Pre-Order The New Nikon D4 and The Nikon D800

When it comes to new DSLRs for 2012, Nikon has come out guns blazing! With the announcement of their flagship digital DSLR, the Nikon D4, professional photojournalists finally have the camera of their dreams. Now with the release of the Nikon D800, landscape and portrait photographers have a long awaited "little brother" of Nikon's $8000 flagship high megapixel D3x camera. We here at Fstoppers are most excited about the new video and audio features implemented in both cameras. Nikon finally has not one but two great cameras for both stills and video; that's something that any Fstopper or wedding photographer can rejoice over!


Read the full article on the Nikon D4 or if high megapixels is your drug of choice, check out our full overview of the Nikon D800. Below you can find links to the best places to buy these cameras online. Just a word to the wise, get on the preorder early because these cameras are bound to be on backorder status for a good while.

Preorder Your Nikon D4 Now:

Buy The Nikon D4 At Adorama Adorama is taking preorders now with a $250 required down payment.

Preorder The Nikon D4 at BH Photo BH Photo doesn't require a down payment and your card will only be charged once the item ships.

The Nikon D4 is stated to start shipping mid Feb and will probably be backordered for 3-5 months after the first orders are fulfilled. Lee and Patrick have theirs but the wait might be a bit long on Nikon's greatest DSLR camera yet.


Preorder Your Nikon D800 Now:

Preorder The Nikon D800 at BH Photo BH Photo is taking preorders now for the normal version of the D800.

Preorder The Nikon D800E at BH Photo The D800E version of this camera does not contain the Anti-Aliasing Filter. Read our review about What does the AA Filter Do to find out if this camera is for you!

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And its sold out...

Really Good News !!!

So it's TRUE!
...I was wondering why there've been a number of D3/D3S/D3Xs listed on CL and Kijiji recently