Nikon Continues to Market the D6 with Videos About the D5

Nikon Continues to Market the D6 with Videos About the D5

In a slightly odd move, the page on Nikon’s website announcing the development of the company’s forthcoming flagship sports shooter, the Nikon D6, has just finished publishing a series of promotional videos — all of which focus on its predecessor, the D5.

As reported by Nikon Rumors, Nikon USA has been periodically releasing these new videos in the build-up to the D6 but fans have been left scratching their heads as to why all of these videos have focused on the D5. The last video, entitled “Behind the Winning Shot: Lingjun An with the D5” was published on February 10. 

As An notes in this video, “the Nikon D5 is definitely the best choice.”

Nikon shooters do not seem to be feeling particularly optimistic that the D6 is going to offer much beyond an incremental update over its predecessor. As one commenter suggests, “Why even bother with a new name. D5s would be just fine.”

The specifications are yet to be confirmed but everyone seems to be fairly confident that the D6 will have a 20-megapixel sensor (not the 24 megapixels that some previously expected), 14 frames per second burst (an upgrade over the 12 frames per second of the D5), but a significant upgrade to the autofocus system that puts it on par with the Sony a9 II. Video will be 4K/60 and it’s not yet clear whether it will record raw internally or externally. 

When placed alongside the recently announced Canon 1D X Mark III, Nikon fans might feel a little disappointed. The 1D X shoots at 16 frames per second with its mechanical shutter, rising to 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter, and video is 12-bit 5.5K raw internal. The Canon lacks IBIS, but that’s also thought to be absent from the D6.

The videos released by Nikon are certainly inspirational but it seems an odd choice by Nikon’s marketing department to focus on something old in order to help promote something new. 

The announcement of the D6 is slated for mid-February so expect news in the next couple of days. Until then, leave a comment below with your thoughts on whether the D6 is going to live up to expectations.

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Tony Northrup's picture

Management: "You have a $500,000 budget to promote the new D6."
Marketing: "Ok, great. We'll need to borrow a prototype."
Management: "It's not ready."
Marketing: "Ok well this isn't going to be very effective. What are the specs?"
Management: "Secret. The specs are secret."

Andy Day's picture

I love that so much photography industry chat can be reduced to imagining board meetings. 😂

LA M's picture

It's called...flat running out of original ideas..

Ryan Mense's picture

Sounds bad in writing, but going to the Nikon page I think it’s fine in context. The first thing you see centered on the page is “DEVELOPMENT ANNOUNCEMENT” which sets expectations pretty well. The photographer videos talk about how brilliant the D5 has been for their careers, which is obviously just saying “think of all those things, and now think how the D6 will be a step up from THAT.” Development announcements are rare in the industry so I think people just don’t get the difference.

Grant Schwingle's picture

Totally agree that this is an effective strategy. Incredible photos have been captured throughout history on Nikon pro bodies. Looking at the D6 is like looking at the changing of the tides. It is inevitable. #nikonfanboy