This Nikon D4 Wielding Robot Arm Will Be Shooting At The Olympics

For the last few years photographers have been getting nervous about high res video cameras taking still photography jobs but we failed to see the biggest threat... robots! Apparently 12 of these robotic arms have been make to hold Nikon D4 cameras and shoot aerial photography at this year's Olympics Games. Luckily each of these cameras must still be controlled by a human photographer so we aren't going to lose our jobs yet.

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Dave Persaud's picture

That looks cool.. I would love to shoot a rig like that in a club..  

when they sell them off after the Olympics, please send one down to Australia for me.

Albert Zablit's picture

That's for Associated Press (AP). Here we're talking about Agence France-Presse (AFP)

that's just the AP. as for cameras in their entirety, damn. a whole bunch of bad ass gear floating around.

Lenn Long's picture

Somebody still has to manually edit and keyword all those shots too. 

Daniel Mora's picture

You can pre-assign keywords in the camera settings IIRC.

Ashkan Ahmadi's picture

i bet they will start using that technique in porn videos :ppppp

Jayson Carey's picture

these are very similar to heads used in high-end video work, like the ones hanging off the end of a jib or on a car rig.  they are just being used in a new application.

sick! love it. round the clock editing like Santa's elves for sure. 

Marek Koptyński's picture

real cannon :>

"The Olympics Committee has warned us that, for security reasons, no photographer will be allowed on the stadium roof." I still don't understand why granting an accredited photographer roof access is a security risk.