Nikon D600 -- All the Details!

Nikon D600 -- All the Details! reports on a leak that has all the Nikon D600 info we've been waiting for! Check out how this new camera can help you enter into the full-frame market.

First, forgive the quality of the photo above: it's the best we have so far.

But moving on, this is pretty exciting. It's now all but confirmed that the D600 will be a 24MP full-frame camera. The new camera will feature full 1080p recording at 24, 25, and 30fps and up to 60fps at 720p (still no full HD at 60fps, sorry!). Back to the good news... Clean HDMI out!

The D600 can shoot at a very decent 5.5fps, and 100% frame coverage is nice to see while the shutter speed maxes out at 1/4,000 (still plenty respectable). If the 100-6400 native ISO were any better, the D600 might really be too good to be true, but that's not too shabby as it is.

And finally, it'll be compatible with the WU-series wireless transmitters for mobile devices and will use the same EN-EL15 battery as in the D800 and D7000. I think that's awesome because a lot of us will likely use the D600 as a backup somewhere along the way. And if you have a D7000 for the video and a D800 for the image quality, you won't have to worry about which battery goes into which camera. If only this were possible with all cameras like it could with memory cards...

In any case, I think it's safe to say we can't wait for this to actually hit the streets. Forget 'prosumer' v. 'pro.' This camera will be loved by all. If the earlier-guessed $1500-pricepoint is true, there's no telling how many hands this thing can reach...

UPDATE: New price estimate at $2100, according to Does this affect your purchase decision? Is Nikon asking too much for too little in return?

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I think this will be an amazing camera. Is it right there's no internal motor?

There will be an internal motor :)

Correct. There WILL be an internal motor :-) That was a previously misunderstood rumor.


If Nikon gets this camera right, as the rumors are suggesting so far, then this seems like going to repeat the D90 history all over again. D90 was probably one of the best enthusiast camera Nikon made, making it mad popular with the semi-pros and amateurs alike. I still shoot a lot with D90 and can't wait to replace it with D600, as D800 is still out of my reach and as much it's monster sensor entice me, D600 makes a lot of sensible choice, just like D90 was.

Semi-pros chose D300[s] or D7000 (which is in between D90 and D300s)

D90 was released 2 years before D7000, your argument is invalid

did a neighbor's 2 y/o taught you logic? following your faulty logic, D300 was released a year before D90, so "your argument is invalid".

In all my experience, most semi-pros (prosumer markert) chose D[2|3]]00 lineup and then D7000, as these were/are the top-of-the-line DX cameras. 

I dont understand how you cant find the 1/4000 as a problem? I shoot primes mid day on weddings all the time way over 1/4000 and iso Low or 200. Can someone please tell me I am stupid....Or this camera really failed my love...

It's a slight problem. But I don't see the majority of potential buyers saying no because of that... mean at f1.4 at ISO 100 you are shooting that fast?  Are you shooting in direct sunlight?  I shoot primes all the time wide open at 100 but usually I place people in the shade and back light them.  I don't think I've ever shot that fast.  

In fact, I kind of wondered what 1/8000 was used for to begin with

Start using ND filters. Throw a Variable ND on there and you should be fine.

 A variable ND is an expensive addon that brings you closer to the D800 price point. And even slapping a regular Nd filter (stacking) is adding more variables to picture quality. Furthermore, take into account that there will be missed shot opportunities because one has to attach something to the lens.  Finally, it also means that one will need an nd filter solution for all their lenses.

The variables my V ND add I bet you couldn't notice side by side. Missed shot opportunity, situation dictates, I wouldn't be trying to screw on and off my V ND during a journalistic shoot, but if I'm posing, yeah I have time to "slap" it on. None the less have your gear setup before the shoot so you don't have a missed opportunity. Expensive piece, it is, but something I like having in my bag, and very necessary when doing strobist work with sync speeds of 1/200. Allows me to shoot at shallow DOF while sync at 1/200 (sky looks real nice for portraits). Just trying to suggest other options, there is no wrong or right answer for every situation. Wouldn't need to stack either at.... You know what NVM

Interesting for sure. I think the upcoming two to three months will be very interesting in the camera world. Can't wait for photokina

Can't wait...I'm going to buy two of these!  Just sucks these came out at the end of the wedding season :(

 i like:)

The bigger news here is 1/200th of a shutter sync.  What, is Nikon now pulling a Canon?  Next we know it will be 1/160th or something

This! I shoot a lot of skateboarding with multiple strobes, often in the day, and the higher flash sync out of the box, the better.

I DO use the new Pocketwizards for hypersync with my D3S, but having a lower normal flash sync can't mean good things for its hypersync potential.

This has changed it from an automatic order to a 'wait and see', which is a bit frustrating as I'm sure the availability will be crap (same as the D800) to start with.

maybe it's a typo and they meant 1/2000th ;) - now THAT would be a dream :D

I'll stick to my D700 & D800 combo.

Ugh!  time to sell the other kidney!

The lastest Nikon Rumors post has the likely price above $2K - very disappointing after all the scuttlebutt about $1600 - 1800.

For those interested in this camera - in addition to the specs it has - it's worth finding out what it DOESN'T have e.g. notice PC-synch, and remote connectors are missing.

(Think it has IR as my old D70)

the best of new cameras, is the fact that they make older cameras more affordable...
hope to see the price of the d7000 going down.

 It's going to further stratify the pro-sumer market.  But I think this is still out of the budget of enthusiasts (considering lens buy in price).  It's a little regressive with the FP sync speed and Shutter speed, with respect to the D7000.  In their goal to handicap this camera to create enough variation between models, they've put prospective DX up-graders in a difficult position.  ie... moving up in Resolution, and dynamic range but giving up some useful features that one may use professionally.