The Nikon D600 Is On Sale Today Only

The Nikon D600 Is On Sale Today Only

The reputable seller "bigvalueinc" on eBay is currently selling the Nikon D600 for $1685.99. This is a pretty killer deal considering this camera is still very new and sells everywhere else for $2000. They are also selling the D800 at a decent price. If you are in the market for this camera you better jump on this tonight because I can guarantee they will be sold out soon.

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Sucks to be european

 Not really!
The D600 costs 1600€ in Germany at amazon. And you get the full amazon "safety" and service (which I find, is pretty good)

well 1600 euro = 2077 $....

in my math that´s more than 1685 dollar.....

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Thank you so much for this. Luckily I know someone who lives in the states so I was able to have it shipped there.

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Let me know when the 5D Mark III is that price ;)

Grey market item. No warranty :(

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 Note: This Nikon camera is a parallel import. It is identical to
the USA model and is likely produced by the same factories. This product
comes set in English as a standard language, with USA connections and
English manuals. Imported models usually do not carry a USA manufacturer
warranty card. Please rest assured that your purchase is covered by a
BigValueInc store warranty which covers you for 1 Year parts and 90 days
labor, which is equivalent to the manufacturer's warranty.

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Glad I payed full price for the D600 already.  It seems as though Nikon is authorizing huge sales left and right on it now. Very upset that all my savings went to an item that Nikon seems to be trying their best to get rid of. 

and you pump this deal without saying it's grey market and unwarrantied.  This knowing there's been an oil on the sensor issue.   Not very ethical.

The price is now $1,789.99, not $1,685.99 as stated.  There's also this on the listing "Please contact us for more information about product warranty.", which leads me to agree with Lori Appleman that this is a Grey Market camera, which will not be covered by Nikon USA warranty.  You can still get it repaired by Nikon, you just have to pay for the repairs. 

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Got mine in the mail over the weekend. I'll test it out as soon as I can and let you all know how everything works out. Will be using it for some astrography shots in mid Feb so hopefully everything works.