Nikon Is Giving Brand New D610 Cameras To D600 Owners

Nikon Is Giving Brand New D610 Cameras To D600 Owners

Remember the Nikon D600? It's a great camera other than the fact that the shutter would spray oil all over the sensor. The oil can't easily be seen at wide open apertures but it's a major problem when you stop down. Due to a class action lawsuit Nikon is replacing D600s with new D610... For some people. 

The story started a few weeks ago when my friend told me he got an email about the Nikon class action lawsuit. Although the letter didn't exactly say that he would get a new camera, he assumed that he might or he would be reimbursed. 2 days ago he actually got a brand new D610 in the mail. I then had a second friend send in a D600 in the exact same way and only get a cleaning. Why? There are current debates about who gets new cameras, who gets cleanings, and who gets shutter replacements. One theory is that users who have already sent in their D600 before will get new cameras while those customers who haven't will only get cleanings and potentially a shutter replacement (one that won't throw oil all over the place). Another theory suggests that to get the new camera you must have been a part of the lawsuit to begin with and if you weren't you've missed your chance (I'm not sure who could possibly keep track of this). No matter what the truth is, it's worth giving it a try because it won't cost you a thing and at the very least you will get a much needed sensor cleaning. 

To schedule a free repair, and potentially get a new camera, head over to this link: and fill out the form below and include it in the box. 

Exhibit C 
Qualifying Statement, Short Form Release, and Confidentiality Agreement for Group 1 
On this ____ day of ____, 2014, I, _________________, declare that I am experiencing dust spot 
issues related to images taken with my D600 Nikon camera, serial number ___________. I 
further declare that, to the best of my knowledge, my D600 camera is in satisfactory working 
order, other than with regard to the dust spot issue. I hereby waive all claims related to my D600 
camera in return for receiving a new Nikon D610 DSLR camera. 
I also declare that I will not disclose and will keep the terms of this release agreement 
I further declare under penalty of perjury that all of the foregoing statements are true and correct 
in all respects. * 
 Printed Name 
[Address of Individual] 
*18 U.S. Code 1621 provides in pertinent part that “Whoever … in any declaration, certificate, 
verification, or statement under penalty of perjury as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United 
States Code, willfully subscribes as true any material matter which he does not believe to be true is guilty 
of perjury and shall, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, be fined under this title or imprisoned 
not more than five years, or both.” 


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I'm really sad to say that the issues Nikon has had and how they handled have turned me into a Canon customer. I was really loyal to Nikon when I shot film. When I started shopping for a new DSLR I found this issue with the D600. Then there was the AF issue with the D800, both of which Nikon said "too bad". I'm sorry, but if people are dropping over a grand on a camera body at the very least it should function as intended. That doesn't seem like a lot to expect. And if it doesn't work properly at the fault of the manufacturer, do something to make it right before it goes to lawsuit where more money will be spent on legal fees than if they just did the right thing in the first place.

What exactly was wrong with your D800 focus? Mine seem to work great although one of my friends had a major issue with his viewfinder right out of the box.

This explains it far better than I could since I'm not technically inclined: I guess a lot of people first thought it was their lenses, then figured out it was the camera. Many were sent to Nikon and went through a lot of testing. Nikon said "we see that there is an issue but we find nothing physically wrong with these cameras and don't know where the problem is so here's your camera back."

Wow. That's a very cool link. Thanks for sharing!

I had focus issues as well. I sent it in 3 times. Hopefully there will be a similar lawsuit for the D800

One of our 3 D800s had a left-most focus point issue and was corrected and returned within one week free of charge? Did Nikon say they would not fix it? Did you send it in?

Nikon ought to hand-out free oil-cleaning wipes and a DIY kit for those affected. A free D610? You bet people are gonna line-up for a freebie like this, especially with all the news coverage this is getting. You're gonna send Nikon (and my stocks in them) to the grave folks! C'mon, what's a little dust, ey? It can be cool, you know, like film grain. I bet in a few years, these dusty D600s are gonna be a cult item, like Holgas.

Hah! The hipsters love oily sensors. It's honestly not a massive problem for me because I shoot at 2.8 but if you were a studio photographer I can imagine this issue would drive you nuts. It's definitely more serious than some dust.

Wait what? I have no idea what it is you're trying to say. They're doing fixing their mistake by giving out free brand new camera. Is this not what you want?

Over at nikonrumors the consensus is this only applies to anyone who was registered with the particular law firm dealing with this class-action suit (of which there appears to be more than one). If anyone knows definitively otherwise it would be good to know. I'd personally would be satisfied with a new shutter, inasmuch as I'm pretty used to sensor cleaning at this point with my D600. :-)

Some time ago I reached out to Nikon after my warranty expired and before they announced they would fix the shutter issue via the last recall or whatever you want to call it. To my surprise they replaced the shutter mech and it has been fine since. Sensors will get dirty over time and you should be able to care for your equipment as such, but if you were rarely changing lenses and the sensor was getting botched quickly that is an issue. I am sure if you send your D600 back they will replace the shutter.

The D800 AF issue was there since the very beginning - and I had to go through a tough fight with Nikon Canada HQ to send the body back to them for full refund - here is my blog post about it from 2 years ago - I have never touched the D800 since then and still prefer D3s for my wedding work instead... IMO D810 is going to be way better body for weddings due to its AF groups and silent mode... like it!

Ive sent mine it today to nikon australian, we'll see how it unfolds.

I got the letter, sent mine in, got back a few days ago after Nikon cleaned the sensor. I'll admit I was a little hopeful there would be a new camera in that box when it came.

Did the D600 not get the Nikon service advisory in the USA? Free sensor cleaning and shutter replacement has been on offer for some months here in Australia (and I'd assumed the rest of the world too). They have even extended the offer to grey imports. They have also specified that the camera may be replaced if multiple repair attempts don't fix the problem. I got the new shutter in mine a while back and it seems much improved.

I can't figure out their logic on shutter replacement vs new body either.

I bought the D600 the first week it was released and I've had TWO shutter replacements since then. My D600 was sent in on the date of the initial service advisory several months ago. They replaced my shutter and sent it back. The oil problems continued. I went through Nikon's online service website this summer for the second time, reported that I was still having an issue and requested a D610. The tech that I corresponded with said that I had to send my D600 back under the same service advisory and they would make a decision. Apparently they decided to replace my shutter again.

Meanwhile, I have a friend who bought his D600 a few months after it was released. He had the same sensor oil issue and called Nikon a few weeks after the service advisory went out. They told him to send in his D600 and he would receive a new D610. That's it. He got the D610 and I still haven't.

I purchased my D600 exclusively for use with my real estate photography business. As such, its basically had one lens on it the entire time. Seems implausible that external dust would get in. Well, oil or dust or whatever did get in and I spent quite a lot of time cleaning up images from a shoot. Cleaned the sensor, and had no issues since. Sent it in to Nikon and they replaced the shutter. I expect this camera to last 10-15 years and be my primary business camera. I don't need a 610, which as far as we know, is essentially a D600 with a re-engineered shutter mechanism.

CANADA - It is really too bad they don't offer there free exchange for there canadian clients.
I called Nikon Canada and they said they only service the issue. they don't offer the free trade for the D610 :(