The Nikon D850 Is Selling at a Breakneck Pace: Get Your Preorders in Now

There's no doubt that the Nikon D850 has photographers excited — a lot of them. The demand for the camera is skyrocketing, so much so that Nikon has already issued a statement that it may not be able to fill all preorders in the first batch.

As the D850's release date of September 8 draws nigh, preorders are flooding in at such a pace that Nikon recently sent out an email notifying preorder customers that some may not receive their camera on the release day. While such an event is not unheard of, considering the camera was announced less than a week ago, it's indicative of the extreme demand for it. It's not surprising considering the camera is probably the most well-rounded ever released and early first looks have been positive. This likely means that any preorders placed henceforth will be subject to a delivery delay. Still, orders will likely be filled in the order they were received, so if you do plan on ordering your own, do it now

Nonetheless, if you were planning on selling your D810 in anticipation of receiving the D850, you might want to hang on to it just a little while longer. We're certainly looking forward to trying out the D850 ourselves!

[Nikon Rumors]

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Simon Patterson's picture

Bwahaha, "get in quick or you'll miss out". Marketing at its finest. Well played, Nikon.

Ariel Martini's picture

are you suggesting it's not really sold out, they are just telling that for marketing purposes?

Simon Patterson's picture

No I'm suggesting they're making hay while the sun shines. All power to them.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

That is true but it is about the only really exciting d-slr in years. Compare that to the boring stuff Canon introduced.
So, good for Nikon.

Andrew Ashley's picture

I will get mine when they become more widely available, but my FOMO score is very low... and my D800 still kills it for all of my needs. Honestly, I think I'm upgrading because it's been over 5 years since I've treated myself to a new toy! Oh, and yeah, throw that announcement right up there with "Everything must go!" and "Time is running out!"

Anthony Cayetano's picture

I'll wait till the price goes down to a more comfortable level. Same sane thing that I did with my D800 years ago.