Nikon Issues Apology for Not Being Able to Supply New Mirrorless Camera Fast Enough

Nikon Issues Apology for Not Being Able to Supply New Mirrorless Camera Fast Enough

Nikon has issued a statement saying sorry for the delays customers are inevitably to suffer. According to Nikon Rumors, the company is manufacturing 20,000 units of its new Z7 mirrorless camera per month, which is simply not enough to fill demand.

Despite some photographers taking issue with certain aspects of the Z7’s specifications, it seems the factory in Sendai, Japan, is struggling to keep up with the amount of orders placed. It appears increasingly likely that even those who have pre-ordered the camera may be faced with the arrival date being postponed.

A translation of the apology from Nikon’s Japanese site reads:

We deeply apologize for causing serious inconveniences to our concerned parties, including customers who are looking forward to products. We will make every effort to deliver it as soon as possible to meet your expectations, so we appreciate your kind understanding.

Nikon previously issued an apology for its D850, which experienced a similar issue after selling out before it had even been released. Likewise, the new Nikon 500mm f/5.6 PF ED VR lens is also facing delays due to an increasingly high number of orders.

The Z7 is scheduled for release late September - are you planning to purchase one?

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A “similar issue” with the 850...

You mean still not delivering on orders for it right?

This company is dead to me.

And that is why you switched to Sony. Good for you.


Switched to Sony because they don’t put out the same exact camera as their competitors two years later.
Any smart person knows when to start the divorce process. How many apologies do you need ?

gearheads vs creative photographers,.

I don't really understand this. You're clearly well entrenched in Sony, which is fine, but you didn't just recently switch.

So, is it more correct to say that if Nikon could have somehow increased its manufacturing capacity to meet high consumer demand, that you would change from Sony to Nikon?

Nikon had a chance to learn from every single mistake Sony made and really "wow" people with their entrance into the market. If they did, I don't doubt that there would have been a number of current Sony shooters that would have made the switch. Instead, they're treading the same ground that Sony tread years ago and which Sony deservedly faced criticism for back then.

Especially given the nature of the introductory Z-Mount glass, I wish Nikon would have targeted the $1000-$1500 range with their first full frame mirrorless where the expectations would have been much lower. Publicly announcing their intention to target the high end market and releasing products that aren't competitive in that market along with f/1.8 and f/4 native glass was just a terrible idea... I sincerely hope that whoever decided on this product strategy got fired.

Michael, apparently something you said has relevance to manufacturing capacity...

just maybe they dont want to cannibalize the DSLR market just yet. maybe they want to do that step by step. i wouldn't be surprised if they didnt make a follow up of the D5 but go mirrorless. bozo the Japanese marketing clown could just make that decision after a giant saki slurpy. kamikaze is a Japanese word after all. Nikon does kamikaze and brings out the Z9 mirrorless sports camera with an epic 16fps with the all new and amazing square button. cant wait for them to bring the GDPR into cameras and do camera unlock with a fingerprint. OMG,.but wait that would be more of a SONY thing.

Well if Nikon is dead to you, I'm selling everything and switching to Sony, too! ;-)

quick send me your gear list, im willing to make a shitty offer on the lot ;-)

The D850 out of stock is a US-only problem. It's been in stock pretty much everywhere in Europe since the start. My tiny local shop here in Oslo was only out of stock for about a week or two.

true, im about to snap up a D850 being a great deal.

Which seriously makes you wonder what genius is in charge of Nikon's global distribution strategy.

What can you expect from a bunch o newbies that just released their first FF mirrorless camera?

I think the problem is the web sites say "Out of Stock". I went out of my house a couple of weeks ago and had a brand new D850 in my hand 30 mins later. Call your local stores, you'll probably find one fairly easy. Heck, Best Buy even has them most of the time.

Best Buy have it on Stock!!! and on display too.

I bought my D850 from Best Buy, too. Ordered it and picked it up one week later at the store.

Dunno How you guys have stock problems. my friends mom went out and bought one on a whim not to long ago. Just walked into a best buy and bought it. She doesn't even know what that camera is truly capable of either lol. I'm glad she has it though. She upgraded from a canon rebel XTI lmao.

Its in stock in Norway... ;-)

Interesting. Guess the enthusiast herd could give a crap about pro-vlogger-blogger initial concerns and opinions.

Do you? Did you buy your camera based on somebody else's concerns or bought something that would meet your own unique needs?

Finally got my hands on the carea last night - the Z7 is really a great camera and I will be selling my Sony gear to make the switch but fear I'll be waiting in a LONG line for my Nikon...........

I can not wait to get my Z7. Thanks for the good report.

how is it more of a camera than the D850 or A7R-3 ?

It's not.

i know but just wondering if it solved some issues. the D850 is a crazy good camera just not for video, the sony is a good camera if you have 9 year old boy/asian hands. i held the A7 in my hands few months back, so small, you need a grip just to get a good grip and its not really PRO gear, i mean dont drop it from a higher height then 10 inches(joke) but it does perform very good.

Not saying it's "better" than the D850 but definitely smaller. The grip is much nicer than the A7R III, rear thumb grip a bit nicer too. Also dials and buttons make a bit more sense and having a 100% functional touch screen like my 5D4 is so nice - something that slows me down a lot with the Sony.

Video-centric folks probably would be better off with the Z6 as there is no wasted resolution with the chip and everything else is pretty much the same.

Self deleted my post. Duplicate.

Maybe everyone who's happy with Sony can just be happy with Sony quietly. Obviously these stories aren't for you. I'm happy you're happy with your system. I'm happy with mine too. Isn't it great to have so many options that make us all happy?

No, it's like when you are in an ice cream parlor and you see someone else enjoying a flavor that you don't like. You immediately go over to them and knock their ice cream on the floor and scowl at them.

“Maybe everyone who's happy with Sony can just be happy with Sony quietly.” That is literally the opposite of the purpose of a comment section.

Not necessarily.

Maybe in China...

To be fair, the same could be said about Nikon fanboys, Canon fanboys, Fuji fanboys, Leica fanboys, etc.

The Sony one's seem to be the most aggressive of late. I think they're taking the "Alpha" name too literal.

No, we’re just calling out the bullshit from a company that literally is having people buy bullshit instead of producing the camera they promised.

On behalf of all Nikon users, thank you for your concern, but we don't need it.

Don’t be butthurt. I didn’t provide a service so no thank you needed.

Glad we agree you offered nothing of value.

Just call me Eric Z-alas

Butthurt? I guess that's common in your neighborhood. :-/

Awe, homophobia shouldn’t be expressed in a public forum but I’m not your keeper 🤙

Not homophobic, just making fun of your sophomoric language and attitude. What are you? About 15?

second hand 300mm f2.8 with converters,. cheaper and better,.

Don't believe them :-) They just cannot produce it on time so why not make it look as if they are overwhelmed by orders.

so if they can't meet demand on the D850, Z7 and Z6and the 500mm F5.6 how is this company going to outgrown its competitor? maybe they closed a factory to many. i can already tell they wont be able to meet the demand on those three new lenses either,.

producing 100 selling 101. hehe, cant wait for the price increase as per 1 January. every year the same sh*t, prices go up and Nikon reports increased earnings and sales going down. geez,. in a few years and only the rich can effort photography or you need a second job and no wife. photography is hard to earn a living in. cant charge a normal rate and gear prices go up like no tomorrow.

Hopefully second hand DSLR prices will go down a bit after the Z's are released.

should be logic for gearheads to focus on the Z7 instead of the D850 so this could help with the availability of that camera. i guess some might move from the D800-D810 to the Z. i did notice over the last year that more large primes are hitting the second-hand market. its cheaper to buy a 500mm f4 from the G series than the brand new 500mm f5.6 that won't be available after its release.

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