Nine Essential Travel Accessories for Photography

Being prepared for any situation is essential when you are traveling for photography. Here are nine accessories to be sure to bring with you when you travel.

Traveling with your photography gear is an overwhelming task. Trying to determine what equipment to take and what to leave at home is hard enough. Additionally, you need to decide on the most efficient way to safely pack your gear for a flight while keeping things light enough to carry. In this video from B&H, Photographer David Flores uses his experience to compile a list of gear that he takes with him while traveling.

Flores’s list emphasizes items that are small and lightweight. He has planned out how to replace the bulky items in his bag with things that are more suitable for travel. For example, his gear case and tripod choices are all chosen based primarily because of their weight and durability. He also suggests that you could leave your laptop at home and replace it with a durable hard drive to reduce size and weight. Things like this have allowed him to focus on photography and not his gear during his trips.

This video is excellent for anyone who has an upcoming trip planned and is still unsure about what to bring. The specific accessories that he suggests can be found below.

David Flores’ Essential Travel Accessories

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Good video, thanks for recapping the list in the article.