Novo - A Modified GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition Camera

The Novo is a GoPro Hero 3 that has been modified to control exposure, change focus and give the user the ability to swap lenses. Radiant Images along with View Factor Studios have tweaked the GoPro into a smaller aluminum body with more camera controls.

The Novo digital cinema camera is available exclusively at Radiant Images. The company states that it is an ideal solution for cinematographers who want the capabilities of the GoPro Hero3 but held back by the Hero3’s cinematic limitations.
The Novo, developed and engineered by View Factor Studios in collaboration with Radiant Images, is a re-housed GoPro Hero3 that is even smaller in size and much more flexible and robust for cinematic purposes.

Key new enhancements include a C-mount lens system with back focus adjustment, which allows macro shooting, exposure control capabilities that open up a wide-range of artistic possibilities for cinematographers and camera operators. An internal CPU interfaced to the camera permits users to disable the auto exposure feature and then adjust the aperture manually via the lens. This feature gives control to set a desired exposure and stops. Like the GoPro Hero3: Black Edition, the Novo is capable of capturing cinema-quality video at 2X the resolution and 2X the frame-rate of previous models while delivering 2X better low light performance – 1440p 48fps, 1080p 60 fps and 720p 120 fps video and 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second, plus the ultra-high resolution 2.7KP-30 fps and 4KP-15 fps video modes.

Currently, Radiant Images is renting the set up at $295 a day or $885 a week.




Sensor Size Back-illuninated CMOS Sensor 1/2.5" 7.81mm Diag
12.40 Megapixel
Resolution 4K, 2.7K, 1080
Frame Rate
4K Cin 4096x2160 / 12fps
4K 3840x2160 /15fps
2,7K Cin 2704x1440 / 24 & 25fps
1440p 1920x1440 / 24, 25, 30 & 48fps,
1080p 1920x1080 / 24, 25, 30, 48, 50 & 60fps
960p 1280x960 / 100fps
720p 1280x720 / 120fps
WVGA 848x480 / 240fps
Base ISO 640
Latitude 8 Stops
Bit Rate / Format / Time MPEG-4-AVC/H.264
Thickness .83in
Width 2.3in
Height 1.6in
Weight 2.7oz
Thickness .5in
Width 2.47in
Height 1.85in
Weight 3.2oz
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Satya Varghese Mac's picture

mind. blown.

Lincoln's picture

I really like the gopro camera, but doesnt this defeat the purpose of a gopro? I dont know if I can mount this one on my surfboard worry free.....

Bruno Inácio's picture

You will no mount this camera on the surfboard because you don't need! You just need to record video. This setup is for people who need a small camera, and also want to adjust focus and DOF. GoPro doesn't have a prupose, prupose is trendy, and a go pro is a solution, not a trendy product!

PunchDrummer's picture

".... GoPro doesn't have a purpose ..... a solution, not trendy ...." Very well-worded response - I like the way you think Bruno! If financially feasible, I would buy your product to film close-up, stationary, high quality, high-speed, indoor light Speed Bag performances to music on a furniture-grade (glossy) SB platform in my living room. Nice product, lots of thought must have gone into it - Kudos! Maybe I'll rent one when the time is right. Native H3 Black Ed. is close, but it would be nice to dial-it-in perfectly with better-suited lenses.

Bruno Inácio's picture

:) Sooo, you're Tony Williams from the Punch bag? You got something online?


Timothy Jace's picture

Clap Clap! :)

Nathan Hamler's picture

I'm torn.....for the purposes they are saying this is for, why not buy one of the new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cams, and be able to shoot RAW VIDEO, at insane bitrates, with a larger sensor, and a built in LCD....and honestly the BM probably isn't THAT much larger than this GoPro setup....sure the gopro shoots 2k and (crippled) 4k, but resolution isn't everything......honestly, i'm super impressed....but i think for what they want for it price wise, the Black Magic blows it away....

louisleblanc's picture

I have to agree. It seems to me like they made this thing to have a cheap 2k camera. This thing is dead on arrival with the pocket cinema camera just around the corner.

Stefano Druetta's picture

your making a good point I vastly agree on.
as it seems, the black magic pocket only shoots 30,25,24 fps, and we al know you might want to work with higher framerates.

Jens Marklund's picture

This is probably because of the file size. But yeah, they could probably do a firmware update for compressed footage at higher frame rates.

Thomas Shue's picture

Nathan you read my mind. I was headed to the bottom to say the same thing you did. I 100% Agree! You could rent one of these turds for $895 a week or Buy a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera for $995 and get an active M 4/3 mount that can adapt to all sorts of lenses.

Eric C. Gould's picture

they seem like really smart engineers - not sure what the market is. any ideas

Derrick Lytle's picture

Why would you pay a grand for that when you can get a Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera for the same price and exponentially better quality?

Rob Durston's picture

well, the fact is, you can't get one and even when it does get released
you still won't get one and then maybe after a year or two they might
tell you it is on its way but you still won't get it for a year after
Original Black Magics haven't been delivered yet, people need to understand this company has well under estimated the market.
agree the Novo has a limited market but it is here now and if you live
in LA it would be a simple solution to copter aerials and other small
camera uses.
I'm putting my name in for a Black Magic Pocket Cam but I'm not holding my breath in any way shape or form.

I believe this is targeted to Photographer that wanted a very compact body that capable taking picture like Areal Photography or any places that hard to photograph/video recorded.

felix mizioznikov's picture

so you ended up building a canon eos M but bigger

Roman Marutov's picture

2k or 4k, your sample video looks TERRIBLE. So why bother?

Norshan Nusi's picture

Looks like a 1D-C miniaturized :3

But in the size of Pentax Q

Jason's picture

So, the point of this, is what exactly??? Either buy a GoPro, or buy a real camera. Or buy both. But dont try to turn a GoPro into a real camera. Why would anyone want to carry this big rig around... for a GoPro?! Sorry, a MODIFIED GoPro. I hear they make kits so you can use real Ferarri parts on your Civic, too...

Jens Marklund's picture

Is there a way to set the shutter speed? Gopro footage is very choppy

Shaun Goo's picture

The whole set up is overcomplicated with no image quality increase. Why not just shoot with a DSLR? You can rent a 5DMKIII for cheaper. BlackMagic - $995... Novo - $885... to rent for week.

In the end you have to be stupid to rent this.

Alex santos's picture

Hi Guys,
just a quick question. I need to have the body under the dash of my car and the Lens on the roof.
Is this possible?