Office Chairs Versus Gaming Chairs: Which Is Better for Editing Sessions?

As creatives, we often spend a good amount of time at our desks, and this past year for a lot of us has seen that amount of time double if not triple. Sales of desk chairs over the last year shows that we are not alone in that, but how much research did you do into buying your desk chair? I have to admit over the last year I have put on a few extra pounds and my desk chair finally gave out sending me quickly to the floor. So I started, like a lot of people, heading to amazon to look for a new chair. What I found is that there is an insane amount of chairs out there and without being able to sit test them in person I was lost on what was good versus just brand hype. It seems like most chairs can be put into three groups: cheap no-name chairs, $1,500 name brand office chairs, and the currently popular gaming chairs. 

The team over at Gamers Nexus did a deep dive into what turns out to be a lot of deceptive marketing tactics and unnecessary features that a lot of brands in all three categories are getting away with. I realize the importance of a good chair and the health benefits and productivity one can provide, but I also have a hard time spending $1,500 on a high-end chair. The gaming industry is full of streamers, designers, gamers, and more who spend a considerable amount of time in their chairs, and yet these seemingly comfortable and affordable options might not be what they seem.

How would you rate your current chair for support and comfort? What was most important for you when choosing it? I'm in the market for a new chair so what's your advice?

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TLDW Used Aeron chairs are usualy available for around $500 on Craiglsit. Once I got mine dialed in, it I found it very comfortable. My chiropractor suggested it after a back injury. It’s great. Good support, no foam to pack down, gives good support and lasts a long time.

My best chair, even for long work time, is my kitchen chair from a Swedish famous brand.

ahah, best answer )))

I'm not even kidding ! I got rid of my office chair that I realized was hurtful for my back.

Lumbar and neck support were the features most important in my decision and wound up going with the Pursuit, by UpLift. Having said this, it may be beneficial to expand the discussion to combining a midrange comfy chair with a standing desk to really maximize ergo.

Got a gaming chair years ago. Very nice, very customisable for the arms, but not good enough for the back support. Sold after a few months for almost the same price (luckily) I started my wandering across 10-15 different shops, sitting on EVERY SINGLE CHAIR. Finding a chair that has back support, it's for every season (no leather please!) and has adjustable 3D or 4D armrests was a nightmare. Finally found one for less than 300£ (way cheaper than my gaming chair). Amazing. I tried several Herman Miller, but perhaps because of my specific body shape, none of them was comfortable enough.
If you need to buy a chair do not get it online. TRY IT, bring your laptop in the store and spend a couple of hours there. Or be sure there is a full return policy.

Curious where you're able to try out multiple chairs? I went to the local Staples and Office Depot here in town, they basically had 7-8 chairs that were all nearly identical and very standard. Where does one actually get to try out and see a variety of chairs?

I think, office chairs are better, but depends on quality and price

I've been eye-balling the ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous for awhile, this post may have convinced me to pull the trigger. Anyone else have experience with the Ergo chair 2?

For anyone reading this, I recently purchased the UPLIFT Desk "Pursuit" Ergonomic Chair and it's absolutely wonderful. No affiliate links or any of that crap here, just a genuine recommendation. It's just a really good chair that you can customize in a ton of ways. The primary attributes I was looking for in a work chair were: cushion seat but mesh back, adjustable head rest, strong/adjustable lumbar support, good build quality. Surprisingly it's pretty hard to find that combination in a chair. After awhile mesh seats get uncomfortable, headrests aren't always adjustable, lumbar support is usually paltry. Anyways, this "Pursuit" chair has been excellent so far, it was about $320.00, highly recommended.