OM Digital Solutions Corporation Opens Their New Technology Centre: Great News for the Photography Industry

OM Digital Solutions Corporation Opens Their New Technology Centre: Great News for the Photography Industry

OM Digital Solutions has announced the opening of a new Technology Centre, close to its Research and Development base in Tokyo. This is superb news for photographers and the wider photographic industry.

The OM Digital Solutions Manufacturing Technology Centre is located in Hachioji City, Tokyo. It will provide a one-stop verification of processes involved in the planning and development stage of optical lenses through to production. This move shows the company's commitment to developing new photographic equipment, building upon the hugely successful OM-1 and OM-5 cameras, as well as the recent M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm f/3.5 Macro IS PRO Lens.

This new Manufacturing Technology Centre is an example of our long term commitment and investment in the OM SYSTEM brand. It will greatly enhance our ability to bring high quality lenses to market. Our goal is to help our customers capture the best moments in wide ranging scenes and enjoy nature through their photography.

Representative Director, President and CEO, Shigemi Sugimoto

The center will enable a faster development of manufacturing capability.

High quality lens development is traditionally a lengthy process with many steps to ensure the quality our customers expect. The new centre will allow us to speed up this process and respond faster to markettrends and customer demands.

Executive Officer and CTO, Setsuya Kataoka

OM Digital Solutions already proved that they are continuing the first-place innovative approach inherited from their Olympus ancestor. Now they are freed from the constraints imposed by the Olympus medical arm, we are already seeing these new ideas in camera technology accelerate. This innovation slowly but ultimately bleeds down to other brands, so proof that they are dedicated to building the OM SYSTEM brand will be seen as good news within the industry, especially OM SYSTEM and Micro Four Thirds users.

We have already gained a strong reputation for the unique set of benefits that our system brings tophotographers in many demanding fields and this latest facility will allow us to build on this in thecoming years. It is a strong statement about our commitment to both our products and the OMSYSTEM brand.

Executive Officer and CSMO, Akihiko Murata

This is a significant positive investment in the OM SYSTEM Brand, and we can expect to see new lenses appearing much faster.

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