The Panasonic GH5 Is In Stock And Shipping Today

The Panasonic GH5 Is In Stock And Shipping Today

The video camera we have all been waiting for is finally here and surprisingly it isn't backordered... yet. You can order a GH5 from BH today and have it by the weekend. 

Fstoppers has ordered 4 of these cameras and we will be reporting over the coming weeks about our switch from Nikon to Panasonic. We've ordered a range of lenses and accessories for the camera and we have also gotten 6 different gimbals that can hold the camera, and we are excited to find our favorite. For the past few years new cameras haven't really excited me much. The GH5 has almost every feature that I've been wishing for in a much smaller package and I am once again excited to receive our new gear. 

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Sohail Mamdani's picture

Welp, it's backordered now...

Well that didn't take long

Adrian Pocea's picture

Extremely tempting, but...NO. I always loved Panasonic, as opposed to Sony or Fuji, their bodies and menus make a lot of sense, a lot more close to Canon, and their set of features was always the best bang for the buck, not to mention how much i love the Leica-Panasonic lens lineup. Still, i won't give up my 5div for this camera. Yes, in video is amazing and it would make my run and gun shooting a lot easier. But is not that i cannot get amazing quality with some workarounds from my 5div, and, let's see, Canon rumors says that they are going to come with some amazing firmware updates. For the photo, though, which i can still see as my primary source of income ( product shots, small events, family sessions, portraits) GH5 cannot, physically, hold a candle to the 5DIV. 20 mpx micro four thirds cannot be possibly even close to 30 mpx full frame. And yes, i know that they have the Noctiron or some amazing fast primes, but we are talking about serious money here, and what i am gonna do? Spend thousands just make a small sensor look better with a shallow dof, close to the full frame look? On Canon you can get a nifty fifty and a 85 1.8 for a couple of hundred bucks, and here is the portrait session, the event, the product, everything covered

It is depressing to change systems and move to a camera that will be significantly worse at taking pictures. I've always loved having one camera that can do it all but Nikon is lagging so hard in the video department and we do mostly video now so it's time to make the move.

Alex Armitage's picture

The real question is - Do you even need a gimbal with this!? :)

Simon Anderson's picture

I'm looking forward to the review already