Panono: The Newest Throwable Camera Ball

Since around July we have started to see this "camera ball" concept come up in a few places. Thankfully they appear to be replacing the self-timer "throw your SLR in the air" approach. The most recent potential contender is the Panono, and it looks like it may blow everything else out of the sky. Thirty-six individual cameras work together with onboard processing and storage to create and save 72 megapixel, 360 degree panoramics. On top of being able to store up to 400 panoramics the Panono will also wirelessly transmit images to your devices allowing you to explore your images in a truly unique way.

This is my favorite part...viewing them in their app. Since the device isn't actually available yet you can only view demo images but, they are pretty slick. Viewers are encouraged to explore their images by actually moving around with their mobile device rather than drag with a finger.

The best way to see what I mean is to download the Panono app on either Android or iOS and check it out for yourself.

The project is still trying to get funding via Indiegogo but with the attention it's receiving I believe we'll see these on the shelves in no time.

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Haha, any relation to the Bubl posted right before this post?

Noam Galai's picture

We just wanted to have balls on the front page

I would love to throw it.... in the garbage can.

Thanks for letting me see around me what I can already see around me. Also, I am waiting for their prototype ROUND BALL printer.

36 "high quality" cameras. Total of 72 megapixels. For you folks not good at math...that's 2 megapixels from each one...NOT that great. Does it shoot in RAW? How large can you print an image from a section (not the whole Pano, just the area you would have taken a picture of with a DSLR). No thanks.

Pretty innovative...

A lot of negativity from the comments here for a product that is intended for fun and something new. Don't try to compare this with your dSLR unless you are able to throw your dSLR up in the air and take 360 panos!