Pentax K-01 Price Now Cut in Half!

Pentax K-01 Price Now Cut in Half! points out that the Pentax K-01 reviewed earlier is now half price! That makes it one of (if not, the) cheapest APS-C mirrorless cameras out there.

The Pentax K-01 features image stabilization, a large-for-its-class APS-C sensor, and solid, smooth operation.

*Note: As of the time of this writing, the K-01 is "temporarily on backorder" on B&H, but you can still place your order for now...

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Mike Kelley's picture

God why can't you have  a viewfinder?!

Dean Gray's picture

My money is on them doing that because the sales have been rubbish, as they deserve to be. It doesn't have a market to sell to.

True, but at this new price point I'm willing to bet that the market for this camera just gained a considerably larger share. The camera isn't so great but it does allow you to use some of the older Pentax primes, which I believe are some of the better ones made.

Dean Gray's picture

the majority of the people who would buy a camera at that price have no intention of using anything other than the lens it comes with. I can see a couple of people using it for old pentax stuff but really, it doesn't work.