The Powerful Canon R5 Mirrorless Camera Will Ship This Summer, But Something Even Better Is Coming

The Powerful Canon R5 Mirrorless Camera Will Ship This Summer, But Something Even Better Is Coming

Canon dropped quite a bombshell when it announced the EOS R5, a camera that shows the company is very serious about the mirrorless revolution. Though the company typically works on their own timeline a bit independent of the faster rates of other companies, it seems they are fast-tracking the R5 a bit, with an expected shipping date coming this summer.

Canon Rumors is reporting that the R5 is expected to begin shipping prior to this year's Olympics, which begin on July 24. The R5 sent shockwaves through the photography world recently, as it will offer some remarkable features like 8K video, a 20 fps burst rate using the electronic shutter (12 fps mechanical), and in-body image stabilization. And while the R5 will likely be more than enough camera for a lot of users, Canon Rumors is sure that we will see something even crazier from Canon next year, an R1 of sorts. This would not be surprising, as the 5D has always been Canon's bread and butter workhorse camera, with the 1D series being their flagship. After seeing the R5's specs, I know I am certainly interested to see what the R1 has in store. It is going to be an exciting year for Canon shooters! 

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Wish you had more original content...but looking forward to this camera!

Nobody forces you to come here. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else, the internet is a big place.

Lame. Maybe they could tighten up. As in the beginning when many of us came here before "social media" was such a big deal, and they did some really good work.

Also nobody fires you to comment. Run along you don't agree, you're getting what you

You might not understand this, but when people criticize something it's usually because they're hoping it will improve something. In this case probably the hope for better content. "Go somewhere else" really doesn't improve anything.

F “check out this great video” Stoppers

Summary: 1) Canon is producing a camera as they announced they would. 2) A better camera will be produced in the future.

Lens. That's why most people won't switch no matter what Canon slaps into a new mirrorless build. Their new lens are just as expensive as the old ones were so that's a lot of money to buy a new mini computer than takes and saves pictures.

If ti's the lenses that are going to get people to switch, then Canon's probably going to be fine because the lenses they are putting out are excellent. Yes, they are pricey, but that price is in line with their quality and max apertures so I don't see a problem there. First party lenses are getting expensive pretty much across the board. :/

My point is making the hefty purchase of the new $3500 camera is one thing but when you have to pay another $2500 for a mirrorless version of the same lens you already have it kind of sucks.

The lenses aren't the same. Read the reviews. The quality of the new lenses are amazing and best out the closest EF equivalents.

This is a moot point.

1. If you have the same lens in EF format then buy the $100 adapter. And no you can't expect the performance to be identical because said EF lens wasn't designed for RF mount.

2. At no point did anyone assume a new mount would equate to cheaper lenses. It's actually the opposite because the new lenses are technically superior and house more electronics.

3. Economies of scale hasn't taken effect with RF bodies and glass. Canon didn't create a new system to intentionally lose money due to it.

Rewind to 1987. Canon ships the EOS 650, with a new mount, that has 44mm registration - 2mm more than FD. So FD lenses cannot be used on the new camera. All the Canon shooters that want to stay with Canon have to buy new lenses. Can't stay with FD cameras, because that line is basically dead. EOS is the future. Now EOS is dead and RF is the future. It worked for Canon 33 years ago. It may work again. The big difference is that, now, Canon is at least offering the option of using those EOS lenses with adapters.

likely to be a device with the specs as a major selling point...

But will it take better pictures than my present gear .... ?

If you use RF lenses with it then yes. If you’re using a DSLR right now and wide apertures and pinpoint focus accuracy is important then yes. If eye AF will improve your work and you don’t already have it then yes.

Those improvements aren’t worth the money for me personally so I’m sticking with my 750D and 5Di for my work and personal use.

RF glass is free of aberrations and plentysharp with a nice bokeh. Sharper and larger images are hard on hardware and post. So generally speaking it would take different pictures with some significant tradeoffs. You’ve got to love it to stick with it.

I wonder what will happen if there will be an "appreciation" button on every article. There are a few articles with consistent content but the rest are just news about a previous news about a rumour... And my only explanation is that in order to keep the site working the content needs to come no matter what. Is like Daily Mail in UK.
I'm coming here only from Google news feed. To be or not to be.

C'mon fstoppers you can do better. This is legit a clickbait shit article.

As a Nikon owner, sometimes I really feel embarrassed. Nikon not allowing the use of vertical grips, single card slots in the z series, and now again, playing catch up.

you shouldn’t be. Nikon will survive.

I don't understand when they compare two cameras so similar, but cry for the next rumor, Canon and Nikon are so similar that sometimes make me think that are owned by the same person... Just to make people fight for a single feature that make it better... 1/4 stop better, IBIS, 1.2 VS 1.4, 24MP VS 30MP

we shouldn’t fall for that logically, but we are emotional creatures... aren’t we?

Nikon are building cameras and lenses for both working photographers and serious amateurs. Well thought out features, reasonable apertures and reasonable prices.

Canon's serious gear at this point is targeting only the very high end photographers, trustifarians and dentists. Hope it works out for them. If you want to shoot great photos or video with durable cameras and excellent lenses and are working with a budget, Nikon is a far better choice.

PS. Ex-Canon shooter for more than ten years. Happier on Nikon. No more cripple hammer on video.

Rumors are this camera is $10K...any truth to those rumors?

More like 5 to 7k bracket would be more believable

I read that the summer Olympics may be canceled due to COVID-19. Somewhere I also read that Canon was planning on making the Olympics a huge event for them. I am really looking forward to this year's momentum in Canon's product releases. Above all else, I hope for the best possible outcome for the health and well-being of everyone.