A Quick Look At The Freefly Mimic Controller In Action With The C300MKII

The Movi gimbal stabilizer by Freefly changed the video world when it was released a few years ago, and the new "Mimic" controller aims to make the system even better. Instead of controlling the camera movement with a standard controller with joysticks, you can now use your arms as though you were the one holding the camera.

Simeon Quarrie put the Mimic through a very grueling test where the Movi operator was riding a bike following a professional athlete around a track. Something I thought was great, it looks like the Mimic controls and the wireless HD link appear to be working over very long distances. Surprisingly the Mimic beta unit only costs $500 but that price doesn't include a monitor or video link. You can get a Movi M5 and Mimic for $4000 which isn't THAT crazy for such new technology. 

Everyone who uses this new controller appears to love it. Check out Chase Javis' first impression below. 

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Jason Vinson's picture

this kind of stuff makes me want to give video a try