A Review of the Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera

The EOS R is Canon's first serious entry into the mirrorless market, and it has definitely been a bit of a polarizing camera. This fairly comprehensive review takes a good look at the camera and what Canon got both right and wrong with it.

Coming to you from DPReview, this great video follows them as they take an extended look at the new Canon EOS R. The EOS R seems to be a bit of a perplexing camera in that it has some very interesting and innovative features (in particular, its control system and customizability seem to be quite good) and its ergonomics are typical Canon (namely, they're good), but it also has some frustrating limitations, particularly its maximum continuous rate, its 4K crop factor, and its single card slot. While the camera itself is a bit of a mixed bag for sure, there does seem to be a bit of hope for the Canon faithful, as the lenses Canon released along with it do seem to indicate that they're taking mirrorless more seriously this time around, so hopefully, we'll see a more advanced body come out in time. Until then, the EOS R may still be an interesting option depending on what you shoot. 

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Alexander Shaw's picture

Lol posts a review and and just links to a youtube video to get clicks instead of doing the review yourself. Good job on maximising your clicks with minimum effort.

David Pavlich's picture

The title says nothing about an F-stopper review. What gave you the impression that it was? F-stopper administrators link to videos a lot. It's no big deal.

Lesson: If you see 'Review' in the title and it doesn't say that it was done by F-stoppers, skip it. That way, you haven't added to their click count.

Mark James's picture

To be fair. I read it the same way.

David Pavlich's picture

I just don't see it as a big deal. Should F-Stoppers place a warning in the title? Yea, that's silly, but making an issue of F-Stoppers posting a video and being accused of deception is just as silly.

Considering what it costs us to be here, complaining about something this trivial is, well, human nature, I guess.

Having said that, I was a voice complaining about the article that was about a photographer leaving his gear behind, but the image accompanying the article was a bad guy with a mask attempting to break a padlock. Now that is what I call journalistic malpractice. Linking to a video, naaaa.

Mark James's picture

It's not a problem for me. I figured out a long time ago, that it just shows who is "sharing", but to newer people, I could see how it could be a bit confusing.

Alex Cooke's picture

Feel free to visit www.fstoppers.com/originals to see solely our original articles.

"The EOS R is Canon's first series entry into the mirrorless market" No, no it is not. It is their first full frame mirrorless, but it's most certainly not their first mirrorless camera.


Alex Cooke's picture

Typo. Thanks for catching that!

Leigh Miller's picture

Change the title Alex...very misleading

Alex Cooke's picture

The title describes exactly what the video is. It makes no implication that this is an Fstoppers review, and as someone pointed out above, those are normally preceded by “Fstoppers Reviews” and listed in the originals section.

Ryan Davis's picture

It's a decent review. I'd seen it already, but If I hadn't I would have found this post useful. Thank you for sharing.

Leigh Miller's picture

No it doesn't...you should have titled it as DP Review or something to that effect. It's misleading. It's rubbing up very closely to being click-bait. I watched that review a day or so before and if it had been titled correctly I would have skipped it on FS.

David Pavlich's picture

And how has this 'misleading title' affected your day? You make it sound as if it was a warning of snow flurries when an all out blizzard was happening. Perhaps you should put your name in the hat to become an F-Stopper Admin so that you can straighten out these misdeeds. Honestly....

Leigh Miller's picture

Umm no...my day is cruising along just fine. It's you with the hyperbole on the matter.

If FS wants to just be a rewind of every other reviewer in the business I'm happy to get all the news from one central source. Otherwise be original and review products yourself..or just place information in the title that tells someone at a glance that it's not original content. Simple.

David Pavlich's picture

Hyperbole describing your complaining about a very trivial subject:

"No it doesn't...you should have titled it as DP Review or something to that effect. It's misleading."

As you said, it had no effect on your day, yet you chose to make an issue out of pretty much nothing.

Jan Kruize's picture

Come on girls..... it's a beautiful day :-)

David Pavlich's picture

[sarcasm on] No, it's not. The deceptive title just ruined what started out as a beautiful day! [sarcasm off]