A Review of the Canon EOS R6 Camera for Stills Photography

The Canon EOS R5 has been making lots of waves for its array of top-shelf features, but the EOS R6 is also a solid performer with a great feature set for a wide range of photographers. This helpful video review takes a look at the camera from a stills photography perspective and what you can expect from it in practice. 

Coming to you from Gordon Laing, this excellent video review takes a look at the Canon EOS R6 camera. The EOS R6 is the little sibling to the EOS R5, but it is no slouch itself. Here are some of its key specs:

  • 20-megapixel sensor
  • In-body image stabilization of up to eight stops
  • Base ISO range of 100-102,400
  • 1,053 focus points
  • Fully articulating rear LCD
  • 3.69-million-dot EVF with 0.76x magnification
  • Continuous burst rate of up to 20 fps using the electronic shutter (12 fps using the mechanical)
  • 4K at 60 fps and 230 Mbps
  • Dual card slots (UHS-II)

Altogether, it looks like the EOS R6 is quite a capable camera that should please lots of photographers, especially those who do not need or want to drop money on the extreme features of the EOS R5. Check out the video above for Laing's full thoughts.

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David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Well, at least it’s better than 12 megapixels. 😬

Joe Hogan's picture

I haven't had a chance to check this yet, but I would like to thank you for reviewing in light soley of the needs of photographers. It is extremely frustrating viewing or reading large parts of reviews which suddenly change tack (and I can't question the relevance) to video. I find that reviews lose a lot of depth by trying to include both aspects of the camera's abilities probably because reviewers are aware that attention spans are not what they used to be.
I personally am not in the slightest bit interested in the video capabilities of a camera and I am sure that there are many others like me out there. I also have the suspicion that in the design process, camera makers are more intent on the "across-the-board" attributes of the camera, rather than focussing on the direct needs of users. I would love canon for example, to return to making photographic cameras and putting everything thing they can into the research and development of the best possible.

andrew PK's picture

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