A Review of the Nikon D780 Camera

The Nikon D780 is fresh on the scene, and it brings with it a bevy of improvements and new features over its predecessor that are sure to intrigue a lot of Nikon shooters looking for a reasonably priced full frame camera that can handle a range of scenarios competently. If you are considering purchasing one, this great video review will tell you what you can expect.

Coming to you from DP Review, this helpful video review takes a look at the new Nikon D780. On paper, the D780 looks to be a real workhorse for a wide variety of needs. Some of the most eye-catching features include a 12 fps burst speed using the electronic shutter, vastly longer battery life, much better autofocus (with some algorithms borrowed from the D5), and the addition of 4K video. Beyond that, users will also enjoy a better rear LCD and UHS-II card support in both slots, which will help when shooting fast bursts. Altogether, for any Nikon shooter who is not yet ready to jump to the mirrorless side of the fence, the D780 looks to be a worthwhile body that should be able to handle most anything you can throw at it. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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