[Rumor] Canon to Announce Two Cameras in June

[Rumor] Canon to Announce Two Cameras in June

CanonRumors is reporting that Canon plans to unveil two new cameras in June, not counting any PowerShot updates. One of the expectations is their long-awaited mirrorless debut, but that rumor has been swilling around for over a year.

If these rumors are to be believed, and CanonRumors is citing more than one source, Canon will be releasing the EOS 650D (otherwise known as the T4i) as well as a yet unnamed mirrorless camera. With the mirrorless industry growing by leaps and bounds, it's a wonder that Canon has been so quiet for so long. Since the Nikon 1 was met with little more than a "meh" and with the Sony NEX selling so well, Canon fans are of course hoping that Canon's camera will be more of a "wow" and unseat the only entrenched popular choice in the Sony.


Some rumored specs on the supposed mirrorless:

  • APS-C likely
  • 14 or 24 megapixels
  • EF compatible, but not an EF mount
  • 3 to 5 lenses upon launch


What do you think? Do these rumors have any clout? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via CanonRumors]

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where's their AE-1 Program D or better yet the F1 new style D? ( complete with shutter squeak)
:-) Olympus did it time for canon to do it too.

Oh and maybe a Nikon F3 H-D? HEHEHE

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I dig the image here of what looks like my old canon ae-1. And if there is EF compatibility, it would be a great value.

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If there's EF compatility and APS-C (instead of Micro 4/3) I'm in. I shoot w/ a 7d now, but am considering getting out of the business. A more compact interchangeable lense body with a good, large sensor is exactly what I want for travel.

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The shadowy mystery image is much more intriguing than the possible details

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Why can't they make these sexy dslrs anymore without being mirror less? 

APS-C and EF compatibility please!!! 

Yo man ! Too much trash talk ? EF, AE-1, APS-C, Meh etc, etc. Im just down with "OPP"...  pow-pow-pow !...... LOL

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Screw all that. I want a cheaper FF!