[Rumor] Updated Specs on the Canon T4i

[Rumor] Updated Specs on the Canon T4i

It looks like the sleuths at CanonRumors have culled some more information regarding the impending Canon T4i. We reported that Canon was probably going to release at least two cameras in June, and the T4i is looking more and more like one of those. What's it have that's new? Likely a touch screen.

The specs look to be shaping up as...

Canon EOS Rebel 650D/T4i

  • 18mp (no word on whether or not its a new or modified 18mp sensor)
  • 9 AF Points, all cross-type
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Continuous AF in LiveView & Video Recording

What do you think? Does a touch screen make a DSLR more desireable? Would you use it? And what about 9 AF points?

[Via CanonRumors]

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Jaggard's picture

I'd be concerned about constantly changing settings with my nose.

That did not even occur to me. Now I'm concerned about it. 

 As Dragos says below it'll use the same proximity sensor as your Android or iPhone uses to turn the screen off when your on a call. no issues.

 I highly doubt that will be the case. It will have same technology as iphone/Android. Once light sensors pick up you check/face it will disable the touch screen. I hope...

Jesse Shotland's picture

I can recall several times I held my iPhone to my face waiting for it to start ringing. The whole time my cheek had hung up.

At first I thought you meant changing the settings with your nose on purpose, like I do all the time with my phone... for fun.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I continually need to wipe the oil off my screen. So will they call this face dialing?

 The T2i has a sensor built in to detect when your using the eyepiece and shuts down the monitor. I'm sure they will use the same thing in this one.

 It _is_ able to be articulated so maybe you could swing it out of the way.

they have the sensor that turns off the screen when your eye is close to the viewfinder, so that would not be an issue

i'm starting to not like 9 AF points....it used to be enough, and i'm glad they're all cross type....but half the time the spread is kinda not great....the d2x has 11 sensors, but the layout is TERRIBLE...wayyy too much space between sensors....there's never a sensor right where you want it....

that's why i love the 39 point of the d7000 and 51 points of the d300/700/d3, etc....they're spaced so tightly, there is always a point where you want it...i may not 51 points AT A TIME, but it's so much more handy...you'd think they'd have realized the importance of that...

James Robertson's picture

Sounds very targeted to the rebel's usual hobbyist consumer base, can't see why touch screen would be any more beneficial on an SLR, but the masses will run to it.

m!'s picture

Touch to focus would be cool, especially if it's available when shooting videos. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what features make it in the released model!

It's going to be a bitchin camera! I want one so i can always have a hdslr with me and not really be devastated if it got lost or stolen.

ian sbalcio | photo's picture

what about those of us who protect our LCD screens with the fairly thick plastic screen protectors. I don't know that a touch screen would work through that.

probably wouldn't work with the thick hard plastic screen protectors but it should work fine with the flexible stuff like on smartphones (or anything with a capacitive touch screen)

If the AF in video mode is actually any good it would be worthwhile on that alone.  Touch screen I could take or leave.  Give me a good low light sensor and a non-sucky AF and I will be happy!

I like how you guys took the most recent image Ken Rockwell posted on his website and pasted it on the back of that camera. 

RUSS's picture

 ken who?

don't worry. he's nobody.

It's hard to sell new versions of essentially the same cameras unless you put new stuff on it, whether that stuff helps make better pictures or not. 

Really? Man, if that's the sum they need to go back to the drawing board! Nikon is really making some major moves in the new D3200, so Canon better really consider stepping up their game. And a touch screen LCD ain't gonna' cut it!!!! (I'm a Canon user, by the way!)

lol I can't help but point out all the curves this thing has. I could tell just by the look of it that it is designed for a consumer.

George Socka's picture

touch to define a pont of focus woudl be a great start

better upgrade the rubber grip, that actually very suck . 

I can't make out the words on the LCD as it is, this is a horrible idea.

Outside if my nose doesn't change the settings, it surely will leave oils that cause glare!!!

I usually keep my screen turned off. I can't read the screen in daylight so if this is the same type it could be a problem if you HAD to use it to change settings. Fortunately, most the settings I use are shown in the viewfinder.

So it shoots good pictures like the iphone right?

M's picture

Touchscreen dead, oops I can't control my camera anymore.