Sample Footage From the Most Bizarre Camera Lens I've Ever Seen

Sample Footage From the Most Bizarre Camera Lens I've Ever Seen

Venus Optics' Laowa lenses are pretty unique; after all, they're the only company I know that makes an ultra wide-angle macro lens. But this 24mm f/14 telescopic macro lens easily beats that in terms of weirdness. Check out this new sample footage, including underwater shots with its waterproof attachment. 

When Venus Optics showed off the Laowa 24mm f/14 Replay 2x macro lens at Photokina 2016, the bizarre lens caught the attention of many photographers. Designed to allow macro work that won't disturb the subject, it telescopes to approximately two feet in length, making it look more like a car antenna than a camera lens, as seen below:

The company has now released three videos showing off the lens, and it turns out it's even cooler than we initially thought, as it will come with a waterproof attachment with LED lighting, allowing the photographer to simply place it directly into water and begin shooting at up to double magnification, with apertures between f/14 and f/40, creating some fairly unique shots.

The lens should be available at some point this year and will ship in both Canon and Nikon mounts. Pricing has not yet been announced. 

[via Photo Rumors]

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Lee Morris's picture

Just what I've been looking for!

Jonathan Cummings's picture

Kind of looks like a cheaper version of the "borescope" created by Innovision Optics. I think they used it for the dream sequence in The Big Lebowski, but it's a popular lens for wildlife cinematographers wanting wide-angle jib-like moves at a macro level

Felix Hernandez's picture

This would be amazing for some of the shots I have dream to do!

Adam T's picture

I wonder if a sword swallower can use that for an endoscopy?

Jan Vlcek's picture

You can use it for inseminating cows too.