Sample Video Footage from the Canon 6D

With the video capabilities of DSLRs constantly increasing, we have come to expect a lot from new releases. The Canon 6D doesn't disappoint. Much like the newest Nikon D800 you'll have more creative control over depth of field as well as full manual control over exposure and audio levels. Check this sample footage from the recently announced Canon 6D. Do you think it competes with the Canon 7D or the 5DMK III?

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What I love about this video, is that it's more than just a Canon Body video. It's a Canon System video. Engaging filmmakers and photographers with not just the finished product, but how it was made (with specific side by side comparisons).

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Great quality infomercial.
Liked the producer's approach using simple tape on the lens as follow-focus marks.. why have I never thought of that!?

It's good footage, no doubt...the low light stuff is pretty good as well...hard to tell just HOW good at 720p though....i'm not convinced that THE CAMERA ITSELF is putting out any better footage, ESPECIALLY, in the sense of web viewing, than the 5dII, 7D, D7000, D800, (presumably) D600, or even like panasonic 4/3's body....i think the footage here is DEFINITELY an example of great's just like the Zacuto camera shootout....90% of people can't tell the difference watching on their computer screen via the web....composition, vision, and technique still continue to trump technology :-)

Ahhh, the beauty of the Marketing Budget! Yes, this is a very pleasant commercial beautifully shot but the infommercial part of it is the telltale factor in this. Did you take note of the lenses?...L glass! And there were dollies and other hardware needed to get the smooth pans and such, too! Like any Enthusiast is going to be able to afford the lenses and other equipment let alone the Camera itself? What we see when we view advertisements is the 'potentiality' of the camera. The reality is that many people will buy into the 'hype' only to be disappointed that their videos are not up to the level of the ads. Little wonder as most will only *just* be able to afford the body with the kit lens. Some of the lenses shown are as, if not more, expensive than the camera itself.

This brings to mind the photography student who, cocooned in the school system and their available hardware, produces absolutely beautiful photographs to showcase in their portfolio. Then the reality of the world hits them when they leave school when they face the financial burden they have to carry to once again attain what they had in school.

I disagree. with these new cameras and lenses you can create images that are the same or better quality as only $50k cameras could before. Cinematography is more accessible than ever before and most people can at least afford a DSLR and a 50mm 1.4 lens which if used creatively can produce stunning images.
this production didn't seem very high budget. in fact it looked close to no budget.

On the canon website ( ) there is only 540p..

And then we have the youtube version with 720p and horrible compression

I think we all want to see proper 1080p with as little compression as possible before we can do any meaningful comparisons (on image quality, like aliasing, moire, rolling shutter etc etc).

I also wonder why their only ISO3200 sample is "coming soon", and there are no samples with higher ISO.. Of course the ISO200 shot with a 135L is going to look good.

(Also, who decided the music? I mean, really now...)

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I think its "coming soon" and it looks like there was no budget putting it together because they had all of those "leaks" with the price and specs...i don't think they were ready to release everything for this camera body, but they felt like were forced to. If I were in charge, I'd say wait to "unleash" till they have everything in order...leaks or no leaks

But the sample image obviously exists. There's even a thumbnail... I can't think of a reasonable excuse for not publishing all the samples.

I dont understand it either, how can they give a youtube 720 and a canon site 540.  i think its more of youtube not having that "size" so it categorizes it that way

either way, for $2K i try it out, cant wait for it to be available in Dec, early Christmas present.

turns out, they actually shot all the footage on a Nokia Lumia