Samsung Announces the NX500 - a 4K Mirrorless System with a Lot of Punch

Samsung Announces the NX500 - a 4K Mirrorless System with a Lot of Punch

Announced early this morning, Samsung has unveiled the newest in their camera lineup with the NX500. With a 28mp CMOS sensor, it's hard to believe this brilliant little camera can also shoot video at 4K resolution, all while packed into a small, nearly pocketable system. Pairing that with Bluetooth technology, built in WiFi, and ISO expandable up to 51,200, Samsung has us impressed, with only an announcement.

The Samsung NX500, while announced today, isn't set to be available until March. They have not yet released the price of this camera, but the specs they've shown off certainly have us impressed with the system so far. For a full breakdown of what the camera has, check the specs below --

Using a DRIMeV processor, the NX500 promises higher image quality and faster speeds compared to its predecessors. The Samsung NX500 is able to utilize 9FPS through the use of its Hybrid AF system and 28MP Back side Illuminating APS-C sensor. The newest Samsung comes in three different color options - Black, Brown and White; all pictured above.

A Full Look into Their Specs and Announcement Can Be Found on Their Press Release


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Ding-dong, Nikon 1 is dead... For years now, Nikon (and to a degree, Canon), have seen the rise of the underdogs yet they still are under the illusion that the inertia of their reputation, lens lineup and loyal customers are more than enough for them to thrive while ignoring us lowly users (well, they do cater to the high-end well, for now). Samsung saw that gap and took advantage of it. Witness the speedy firmware upgrade of the NX1 and now the NX500 that essentially is a no-brainer against Nikon's 1" mirrorless. So sad, companies and empires falls from the hubris of their kings. (btw, I'm a D800e, D7100 and D5300 user)

They still have costumer loyalty based on older equipment, I wouldn't change brands seeing how much I already invested on Canon lens and the like.
What the "underdogs" are doing right is targeting areas where DSLRs have failed to deliver (read GH4 video), and here, where I still haven't spent so much cash, there is the possibility to choose the best system, and not the "nest where all my eggs are".

It does 4K but does not have a audio 2,5 mm or 3,5 mm audio port - it's useless like this

I believe the NX1 does as it's more professional, this camera is mainly for people people wanting to try photography and have a camera to point and shoot.

Samsung is trying to release all of their televisions with 4K, therefore making it mainstream, it would be bad business strategy to give this camera a maximum of 1080p.

Not really. I do all my audio separate in my video work. I sync in post. As long as this camera gives you the proper controls and capabilities for capturing good footage, this will be killer. Other than it's big brother, there are no other (relatively) large sensor 4K cameras to do creative film work with.

True. But I plan to use a Zoom H1 on the hotshoe for pro audio anyways. Having said that, syncing can e a pain though...

Samsung is doing a great job of shaking up the camera market. For an "outsider", it's kicking some serious ass. The recent firmware update to the NX1 was a hell of a bomb to drop, and if this camera is visually as capable, then this is the least expensive filmic 4K camera out there. Nikon and Canon really need a wake-up call, and these two cameras could be the start of it.