Samsung's Camera Line Grows, Adds the NX2000

Samsung's Camera Line Grows, Adds the NX2000

Samsung has been pushing all angles lately. They're putting pressure on Apple, their TVs rock (I have one) and their cameras are nothing to shake a stick at (that means they're pretty good). They're at it again, this time with expanding their line with the NX2000, a 20.3 megapixel APS-C interchangeable lens pocket camera mini monster that is stacked with everything Samsung could throw into it.

The aforementioned 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor was produced entirely by Samsung in-house (admirable!) and is touted to produce "extremely sharp and highly detailed images." With an ISO range of 100 to 25600, the sensor supposedly excels in nearly all light conditions. Designed to continuously deliver high quality images, the NX2000's capabilities are boosted by its DRIMe IV engine which works to reduce noise, improve speed and enable superior color reproduction.

With 8fps fast continuous shooting and 1/4000th second top shutter speed, Samsung hopes that their camera will make taking clear, blur free images a simple task.

NX2000 Black

So what are you using to preview those photos you ask? Well, Samsung built the NX2000 with a large 3.7-inch WVGA Full Touch Screen. The bright screen is simple and quick to use, so even us noobs with Samsung cameras will supposedly have no trouble figuring it out. Samsung's SMART mode provides even more options to aid you in taking the perfect shot, offering 14 different scene modes, a selection of settings which reflect your shooting environment and needs (nothing wrong with a plethora of hand-holding settings).


Now, on to what you might not expect in a camera: Linking to your Android devices via app, NFC, and a partnership with Adobe to include Lightroom 4 with every camera.

Samsung's SMART CAMERA 2.0 technology, offering a host of functions which make it easy to share and store images directly from the camera. The Samsung SMART CAMERA App, available on both Android and iOS platforms, provides a streamlined way of linking smart devices, ensuring that every tech savvy user’s treasured memories are stored almost without thinking. AutoShare sends photos, as they are taken, directly from the NX2000 to a smartphone or tablet, via a direct Wi-Fi connection. Special memories can be shared instantaneously from the smartphone when users aren’t connected to an access point, and images are also instantly backed up for those who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to worry about storage.

The integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology seamlessly links the NX2000 to many NFC-enabled Android smartphones and tablets. Tap the camera with the smart device and NFC immediately launches the Samsung SMART CAMERA App and automatically pairs the device via a direct Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, users can sync their favorite social website, such as Facebook, to the dedicated Direct Link hot key, for menu-free simplified sharing with the touch of one button. That's stuff I never really expect out of a camera, but won't say no to. Anything to make life easier, right?

samsung nx2000 specs


The NX2000 will sell for $650 in white, black and pink. So on to the important question... who wants one? Let us know if you're interested in the comments below.

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Nope. If it's anything like the predecessor NX1000 it will be crap. Obviously spec's are better but it's still crap in my opinion. Get an OM-D it's about 400-500$ more and it's many times better.

Does anyone even use their cameras? I mean, what mount is it and how many lenses do they offer? Seems like the NEX cameras got a much larger eco system.

Put an android OS on it and it will sell....

The Galaxy Camera doesn't sell... trust me I try to sell them everyday (They have a bit of margin thus worthy to sell). Only old ladies and ladies who find gimmicky things cute buy them, and down here is Australia, there are not many...

Actually the NX-system is a great system. They are not hard to sell at all. A good seller can sell this camera all day. It`s not for arrogant people who think they knows exactly what othe people want. It`s for people who take everyday photos and who like a good. samall and easy-to-use camera. Things that count for NX-system:
1. Easy to use
2. Good optics
3. Many filters that applies to everyday people
Everyone I have sold the NX camera system to is very satisfied. Actually the lenses to the NX-system is better than Nikon and Canon lenses at consumer level.

Are EOS lenses compatible.......

Just a point-and-shoot with loads of silly wi-fi features hardly anyone will use (or understand). If this were really a contender we'd be hearing a lot more about the lens mount. The mere fact it has no viewfinder makes it pretty much useless for most pro applications. And sort of battery is it? That always-on BIG color screen is going to take a lot of juice. The built in flash will take some more, and the wi-fi rubbish will drain away anything left over. Looks like a camel to me.