Is this the Sigma 24-105mm f/4?

Is this the Sigma 24-105mm f/4?

Canon Rumors is reporting an image of what appears to be a legit image of the rumored 24-105mm f/4 that Sigma has purportedly been working on. It will supposedly be heavier and larger than the Canon 24-105, but that's not unexpected given the build of the previous pro lenses Sigma has released.

fstoppers sigma 24_105 f4 rumor

My sources have not been able to confirm or deny the existence of this lens, but if it's on the way we'll be sure to have one in our hands quickly to let you know if it's a lens you should own.

[Via Canon Rumors]

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This is kind of a yawner for me. I want to see more exciting stuff from Sigma. I love my 35mm 1.4, but I want to see a 24-105 f/2.8, or the rumoured 24-70 f/2.0! Give the full-frame-suing guys something unique!

LOL let me guess it only works with cameras with cropped sensors! (j/k)

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DG means full frame.

I guess you didn't see '(j/k)'

Art range? I tought only fast lenses would get into "Art" category...

Note to Sigma: I Love You!

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Unless they can sell this for $300, I'm not sure what the point of this lens is, Canon's has IS and isn't that expensive.

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It's not very sharp. It's a great video lens, but that's about it. It also has flaring issues out the wazoo.

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Whether this is real or not, no one yet knows. If if is true and they make it to the quality of the 35mm f/1.4, it's a no-brainer. One thing that really drives me nuts about the Canon lens is it's insane amount of CA. I can spot that lens a mile away clear across the internet, even at web resolution.

24-105 4.0 is a very popular lens with videographers, the small focus ring is poor design imo.

they just released it