Silica Gel-Pack Lens Caps Keep Fungus and Moisture Out

Silica Gel-Pack Lens Caps Keep Fungus and Moisture Out

Dust and moisture are the enemies of your equipment's longevity. I'm sure most of us have experienced the annoyance of a foggy lens when moving from one environment to the next, but what about when that fog turns to fungus? Every lens eventually gets some dust in it, even the wonderfully expensive weather sealed professional lines.

By itself that minor amount of dust isn't really a major issue, but once moisture enters the equation the result can be devastating to your gear potentially leaving permanent etchings on your once beautiful glass. The usual preventative solution is to cram a bunch of silica packs into your camera bag to try to control the moisture... BRNO has a better solution.

Rather than keeping a bunch of loose silica packets in your bag (which almost always tear open) check out BRNO's Dri+Cap System for Nikon and Canon. It's a set of specially designed body and lens caps that are built to carry silica-gel packs. They also feature a rubber o-ring seal to keep outside air from entering the lens through the mounting area. This system allows your gear to stay at the proper humidity as well as more easily transition between varying temperatures or environments with far less to worry about.

Coming in at $45 for a set (body and lens cap) it's definitely an option worth considering.

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worst than anything, I once had dust mites get into the body of my camera, I could see them crawling behind the LCD screen!
those caps seem like a smart idea.

wooow thats extreme. How did you get rid of it? Put camera in freezer for few mins to kill them off or send it off to manufacturer for cleaning? 

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Love the site guys, keep up the good work!  I do have one comment though, there seems to be a lack of links on the posts.  It would be nice to have so we could go directly to the site/source of the post topic.  Thanks

Been using these for about a year now -- great product. Haven't had any problems with fungus and I frequently shoot in wet conditions. 

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We got the caps in and we'll have a full review soon.

This product has been around for a while. They're on sale/closeout in Canada for way less than B&H has them. $28.28+tax for the body and lens combo, $16 for just the body cap.

$45 seems pretty steep for what they are. To put this on all my lenses would be pretty pricey. 

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$45 for lens and body cap. Lens cap only are $23. You only need 1 body cap unless you have multiple cameras but every photographer has more lenses than they do camera bodies.

I've just made one using the body cap that came with the camera and 3 small scillica gel bags taped inside. Cost me nothing.