Some of the First X-T4 Video Samples Are Out

The Fujifilm X-T4 is an exciting camera to say the least. And now, we have some high quality video samples.

The folks over at DPReview have done us a favor and used their prerelease X-T4 to create a mini documentary about New York tailor David Reeves. The camera is still prerelease, but it is nice to see some video content being made with Fujifilm's new camera. The Fuji X-T4 is almost like a video-centric version of the X-T3 with a few new software features but a lot of new hardware features, including in-body image stabilization and a flip-out screen. 

One thing that I really like about the video is all the little details that the DP Review team put in, letting us viewers know the ISO and whether or not it was shot in F-LOG or not, allowing potential buyers to really understand what shots look the best and the noise capabilities of the camera. 

The video capabilities of the X-T4 seem to be very impressive. Are you thinking of picking up one of these cameras? Why or why not? I, for one, am happy enough with my X-T3; I don't do enough video to warrant the extra features of the X-T4, but that may be different for some of you.

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Fujinon 16-55,, 2.8 OIS? There's a new 16-55 with OIS? There seems to be nothing out there about this lens. I hope it's not a mistake...