Sony a7 III Versus Canon R: Which Is Better?

The Canon EOS R has now been in the hands of a select few, and following on from the early impressions and all of the noise about card slots, Tony Northrup has pitted it against the camera that Canon is seeking to challenge: the Sony a7 III.

As you'd expect from Northrup, this is a no-nonsense runthrough of all of the major features of each camera and how they stack up against each other: focusing, frame rate, video, controls, autofocus, dynamic range, and the selection of lenses. There are clear benefits to each, though it's possible that, for the most part, one edges it over the other. For some, the flip-out screen of the EOS R will be decisive, but for serious videographers, this will never be enough to justify many of its shortcomings, such as the 4K crop factor.

Something that I've only just discovered is that, like the Sony, the Canon will charge its battery in-camera via USB, but only if you are using the native Canon charger, the PD-E1 USB Power Adapter, which, when it hits the shelves in February next year, will cost an astonishing $190.

A hat-tip to Northrup for somehow managing to keep a straight face when doing the video autofocus tests. Brace yourself around the 11-minute mark, and consider yourself warned if you suffer from pupaphobia (fear of puppets).

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John Adams's picture

Your comment is even shittier... lol

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What my profile has to do with anything... feeble comeback, but kudos for trying.

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Who cares what you like to see...

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NAh, you have a problem, not enough attention at home I guess...

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The important part about the EOS R has nothing to do with the body, but the RF lenses and building that portfolio... Think of the lenses as the real important thing here.

This body is just something to tide us over in the interim while Canon gets their Sony Killer body ready for a 2019 release.

Colin Robertson's picture

This does not excuse them from releasing a mediocre body in 2018.

John Elliott's picture

They have other good bodies that are just a little more expensive, like the a7r3. And to be fair until the R came out the a7iii was the cock of the walk in entry level cameras. Definitely gotta hand it to Canon though on that RF system 👍

Mike Stern's picture

By the time canon makes a sony killer camera, sony will already make 2 canon killer cameras.
Who was so slow in this business during the last 5 years. :)

Elliot Sander's picture

Exactly! These Canon/Nikon fanboys keep saying that in the next few years Canon/Nikon will not only be able to catch-up to Sony but possibly overtake them.

I'm not saying that's impossible, but it's like they're assuming that Sony is not doing anything to further enhance their product and just waiting for the others to catch-up.

John Adams's picture

The only problem Canon is 5 years behind... lol so sad for Canon

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I like how some Canonians made fun of Sony not including a separate battery changer and they find out this is what Canon does. I guess they at least include the charger in the box...

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There will be a battery charger included - just not the USB charger. Also you can rest assured that you will get a body cap and lens rear cap from Canon, even when you buy a kit.

Bert Nase's picture

Nikon Z7

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

The new iPhone is better.

Dennis Johnson's picture

bit disapointed in that it doesn't have IBIS and the 1.6 crop isnt very good. only FF camera that does this.

Juan carlos Chu Zhang's picture

winner: a7iii
reason: 2 card slot

doble card double pleasure

vik .'s picture

Sony is better for now but Canon will pass it as soon as it gets perfect eye af and dual cards, 4k 60p.

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Why is everyone comparing the Canon EOS R to the Sony A7iii and not the the A7Riii? Sure, the A7Riii is more expensive and has higher resolution, but so is the EOS R when compared to the A7iii.

Besides, the A7iii was released months before the EOS R was, and without any direct challenger at that time. Obviously, Canon had time to "improve" on what Sony has already released.

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Simon Patterson's picture

The Canon also costs 15% more than the Sony.

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I had Nikon, my last ones were 2 D810, I had canon, the last one was 7D Mark II, now I have Sony A7R3, I use it for wildlife, I could never focus as well and as fast as now. The difference is really incredible. I would not go back to the other brands unless there is a marked difference, not just subtle differences

eric smith's picture

In the process of liquidating Nikon equipment for mirrorless switch.

Specs aside, how did you find the famed “color science” of Canon vs the Sony?

Perhaps shooting raw it doesn’t matter as much, but out of the box, which do you like more? I realize this is hugely subjective... Everyone goes on about Canon colors, especially for skin tones, but that’s not everyone’s subject.

alexdesalta's picture

Many times I shot directly in jpg in the Sony and I like the result I get, the black and white is beautiful, almost like the Fuji.

I can not compare exactly about the differences because I do not have the same lenses for both systems. The skins are very good, of course I'm using the Batis and I did not expect less: D