Sony Announces Development of 300mm f/2.8 G Master OSS Lens

Sony Announces Development of 300mm f/2.8 G Master OSS Lens

Sony announced the development of the 300mm f/2.8 G Master OSS lens, with an expected arrival date of early 2024. The lens is sure to be welcomed by a variety of professional sports and wildlife photographers. 

The company already has the FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS and FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS lenses, and the 300mm f/2.8 G Master OSS will help to further complete its professional supertelephoto lineup. Large-aperture supertelephoto prime lenses are prized for their abilities to help sports, wildlife, news, and bird photographers photograph faraway action in various lighting situations while maintaining fast enough shutter speeds to freeze action. Typically, companies put a lot of their best tech and optical design into these lenses, making them highly sought-after professional instruments, and I am sure the 300mm f/2.8 will be made at that same standard. 

300mm f/2.8 lenses are often used for sports where photographers can be a bit closer to the action, such as hockey, basketball, and track and field. They are also used by wildlife photographers for animals like deer and by bird photographers for a variety of birds. Finally, many news agencies carry a few for covering certain events. A typical full supertelephoto lens lineup includes a 200mm f/2, 300mm f/2.8, 400mm f/2.8, 500mm f/4, 600mm f/4, and 800mm f/5.6. However, with the improvements in teleconverter performance and the relatively low sales numbers for these more niche instruments, I'm not sure that any manufacturer intends to fill out all these slots. We'll see what the next few years bring, however! 

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