Sony Announces RX100 VI: A Pocketable Fixed Lens Camera With Impressive Autofocus and Expanded Focal Range

Sony Announces RX100 VI: A Pocketable Fixed Lens Camera With Impressive Autofocus and Expanded Focal Range

Today, Sony announced their latest camera for professionals and amateurs alike.

The RX100 VI features a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with a focal range of 24–200mm. The cost of the 8x zoom focal range of the Mark VI is a slower aperture compared to the Mark V, now f/2.8–4.5. Inside, we find 15 elements in 12 groups, and Sony promises high image quality edge to edge.

The EVF, an XGA OLED TruFinder with 2.35 million dots, has received a welcome update, now using a one-touch system to pop out and extend. The backside 3-inch LCD now features a touch-to-focus and touch-shutter screen. Additionally, the LCD does the same 180-degree upward swing as well as now a 90-degree downward swing.

One of the biggest changes is to the autofocus system. Sony said the RX100 VI has the same processing system and algorithm as their sports-oriented a9 camera. The new pocket camera features 315 focus points with a 0.03 s focusing speed. Eye AF tracking performance has improved two times over the previous model, and face detection has also greatly improved. The camera can also fire an astounding 24 still frames per second.

The Sony RX100 VI will cost $1,198 and is available for preorder now with units beginning to ship in early July.

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and no external microphone option rendering it useless for vloggers. such a missed chance,.

Exactly what I was speed reading through the post to see if it had. Doesn't?! Why Sony!!! WHY!!!!???!?

dito. as it didnt read in the article i went to the other website and it showed it didnt. if it had it could have been a amazing vloging camera. read some great things, hope to see a review soon.

Same thoughts here. Maybe the A6700 will have a full flip screen as it already has mic input.

how about this, a A6700 with external mic on a DJI osmo mobile with face tracking but then holding a A6700. bit like that DJi Ronin-S but then being able to let the camera follow your face. omg,.

Pedro Pulido's picture

sensor size ?

Spy Black's picture

Just don't drop it. These cameras are fragile as eggs. You would think that making a compact camera out of all metal would be a good thing. It's not. I've dropped a multitude of compacts, on concrete, wood, etc., and I just picked them up and kept going. I dropped my RX 100 III once, roughly 3ft to a hard tile floor, and it was toast. I got it fixed, it fell roughly 3ft again to a wooden floor, toast again.

None of a multitude of plastic-based Canons, Nikons, Fuji's, Panasonic, and other compacts that I've owned ever dropped dead just because they were dropped. I just dropped my motorcycle on the highway at 80 mph a few months back (which I miraculously walked away from relatively unscathed), and the Canon G9X Mk II that was in my pocket still works just fine. Had that been my RX, it's a safe bet it'd be toast again.

It's a shame really, because they are otherwise great cameras with great IQ and versatility, but to quote the great line from The Graduate, my advice to Sony is "plastics"...

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I dunno man..maybe just stop dropping things

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Shit happens in life, especially if you shoot a lot on the road.

200mm lens length will also take it out of the underwater photography market. Too long to fit in a proper compact housing. I assume their “travel photographer” market share justfies making these additions. It’s a great camera but at that pricepont with taking 2 huge groups of their customer base (vlogger and Underwater) out of the picture (pun intended) I don’t see sales increasing. People will look for the iv and v at lower prices