Specs on the New Sony a7RV: Is This a Game-Changer?

Sony has released the new a7R V camera body. It's laden with some incredible specs that you couldn't even have dreamed of in a camera a few short years ago, but is it really a game-changer?

I can't quite remember the specific year, but when I bought my Canon 5D Mark IV, I honestly thought it was a camera I'd use for at least a decade. Its predecessor, the 5D Mark III, was such a wonderful workhorse that had stood the test of time for so many professional photographers in an incredible variety of fields. Therefore, I felt the 5D Mark IV would be my go-to for a long time to come, especially with the specs it had at the time. Wow, hasn't time and technology proved me wrong? Cameras today are so insanely feature-full that it's almost embarrassing to compare them with many cameras from as recently as five to ten years ago. With each new camera release, the mind boggles at what they're packing under the hood.

And that brings us to this great video by Stefan Malloch, in which he runs us through the specs of the new Sony a7R V and offers his thoughts on where it stands in the camera world, and within the Sony lineup. This camera is available for pre-order now and costs around $3,900 for body only. Of all the specs Malloch discusses, I think it was the 8-stop, 5-axis image stabilization that stunned me the most. Give the video a look and let me know if you think this amazing new Sony camera is a game-changer in its price range.

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Pete Whittaker's picture

Did you consider putting some of the specs into and article called: "Specs on the New Sony a7RV"?

Marcus Aurelius's picture

You know that's not how it works around here by now. 1) run across video, 2) briefly set up video in a couple sentences, 3) job well done