The Stow-Away Lens Cap Holder

The Stow-Away Lens Cap Holder

The Stow-Away lens cap holder project on Kickstarter offers an accessory for SLR cameras that attaches to the tripod mound and holds your lens caps (varying from 52mm to 72mm in size) while shooting.

"The Stow-Away is an accessory for your camera that holds your lens cap under your camera. It screws into your standard tripod mount with a thumb screw, and can hold your caps sized 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, and 72mm. Designed to help you focus solely on your photography, Stow-Away provides the most convenient way to store your lens cap while shooting. I have used this prototype on my recent photo shoots and found that it makes shooting easier because I don't have to wonder where to put the lens cap, or where I put it last."

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Dean Gray's picture

Does this exist because someone had a patent in putting the cap in a pocket of your trousers or jacket?

Looks like something that really doesn't need to exist.

Andrew Aggerholm's picture

This could be the stupidest invention ever! THey couldn't focus on photography because of their lens cap? Put down the camera pick up any other hobby. What should happen if they need a tripod? Will they have a mental breakdown? Seriously. If you buy this, please just donate the money to me. It's about as good a cause.

Miguel Zegarra's picture

too bulky... it doesn't work if you have carry speed strap or similar

photographyuncovered's picture


 Finally someone has developed the solution to
the problems of the nudist photographer! I know when I am sloping around
the nudist colony with DSLR the problem of where to put my lens caps
has tormented me. I tried wedging it between my cheeks, but often I
would forget to clench properly and lose another lens cap. Now I can
slap it on the bottom of the camera and snap away in the buff without
worry! (I'm not averse to reusing my best lines on different sites)

That is just the stupidest thing I've ever seen. If one of my friends show that off to me, I'd laugh my butt off at them!!!

soooo... you guys in then or what...

Another solution is to just stick with 77mm diameter lenses - leave one cap in the bag and just play musical chairs with the caps and whatever lens you are shooting.

plain stupid.

Just.. Don't use lenscaps..?

Mike Folden's picture

Wow! I don't think this would work for me because I shoot mainly video and this would get in the way of rigs but I think this is great! I always lose and misplace lens caps. I can almost say every time I shoot it takes me at least a couple minutes to track my cap down. 

Use the Pocket!

Mike Sly's picture

and my tripod goes where? 

"most convenient" ??  Only if you don't use a tripod much.  For keeping track of my lens cap I use a simple tether - problem solved.

He's halfway to his goal.  Making me think I should come up with something to put on kickstarter!

Andrew Stuart's picture

So, my monopod goes where? I shoot in clubs mainly. Video. The lens cap goes in my pocket (back, if  you must know). It's out the way then. This is in the way. Pointless. 

sorry, not something a serious photographer would use.

I wouldn't say these are mixed reviews...

Paul's picture

While at first glance this gadget seems a good idea; the practicalities are that it would interfere with holding the camera, particularly in the vertical position.

While I agree with (almost) everyone here that this a pretty useless idea (unless you're a nudist photographer as pointed out above) you could at least design it with three "legs" so it also acts as a table top tripod. I still wouldn't buy it but it would make it better.

my back pocket works great actually.....and the market targeting nudist photographers is probably pretty small.......not the nudist per sé..... the market.....albeit i am sure nudist come in all sorts of shapes and sizes....and only those who live amongst that lifestyle know who that may be...and really, is it really a popular thing to do inside that society? go around taking pictures? Freedom of expression is one thing, but exploitation brings up another whole different aspect to the really, the nudist photographer may be in danger of getting his camera broke so the use of a lens cap holder will eventually be a useless investment at best.....thats all i got to say about that......

CapGorilla's picture

Sorry you all hate lens cap holders. I guess I better duck and run for cover.

This looks like it'd make shooting portrait orientation a bit of a hassle. Plus, with my battery grip, my camera's profile is big enough. Besides, I already bought a smart looking coat with a zillion pockets. :P