[Strange] Chase Jarvis Vs Polaroid Z340: Will It Blend?

I'm not sure what has gotten into Chase Jarvis lately. First he decided to be a judge for our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest. Next he flies over to Hong Kong to test a new Lego camera. And now I come to find that he's running his own "Will It Blend" campaign with the brand new Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera. Whatever the reason is for his latest antics, I'm glad Chase made this video because I've been wanting a digital AND film Polaroid camera since I picked up a camera. Sure they would be fun during trips and parties but what if you passed one or two of these out at your next wedding for the guests to have fun with? How big of a hit would that be! If Chase has any pull with the folks over at Polaroid, we'd love to see a version with a simple hotshoe on top so we could use bounce light or a pocket wizard with these things. With paper refills at $17, it wouldn't be the cheapest thing you could bring to a wedding but I'm sure your clients would be talking about it for years! What do you guys think?

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Sean Shimmel's picture

Hmmmm... in all politeness, I always respect Chase and respect daring and even wacky creativity... but this particular commercial... ???

Oh my goodness, that made me cringe! Very, very clever idea, but the cameras... *shudders*

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm sure both cameras he put in the blender could be had for $10 max on ebay.  

I'm sure =) It's just the mere thought that is horrifying!

Really cool idea, but just checked out the camera and it only prints 25 pictures on one charge. Wouldn't last long at a wedding at all, bummer!

I love it! :) Great idea!!! :) 

Mike Folden's picture

I think something like this would be rad at a party where you only want to take about 25 shots. I like the idea of slowing down and not shooting 1000 frames in a couple of hours. People get good looking prints right away. I love it. 

Great idea a bit expensive, and what about the image quality? is it good enought?