Target Practice: 600mm Lens vs Shotgun

Kaiman Wong is back at it, showing that a Nikkor 600mm lens can shoot clay pigeons too – just not in the destructive sense. Who will win?

Joined by British photojournalist, Paul John Bayfield, the pair go head to head in three, close rounds. Paul is armed with a Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4, attached to a Nikon D5. A surefire combo for quick shooting, and arguably perfect for fast-paced sport photography. I won’t ruin the fun for anyone, but Kai is surprisingly good behind a gun. I wish he’d picked up the camera himself, it’s what we love him for, but for the sake of a good challenge it worked out.

Kai’s been working hard on his new channel, since leaving Digital Rev back in November. In fact he recently celebrated hitting 250k subscribers on YouTube. Outside of his personal channel, CVPTV picked him up for a Panasonic GH5 review. All in all he’s not doing too badly at all.

This kind of content is rare, and it’s a pleasure to see. If Mythbusters or Top Gear style gear reviews were more common then I think we’d all be researching a lot more cameras. Maybe leaving Digital Rev has given Kai the creative freedom he’s going for now – not unlike Clarkson’s transition from BBC’s Top Gear to Amazon’s The Grand Tour.

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Guns and cameras. Sounds like fun to me.

Michael Murphy's picture

I have a 650mm - 1300mm lens for my Nikon that I simply love so much I bought another one for my 13 year old niece. No competition and I can shoot machine gun style and get the shot, get all the shots I could ever want or need. I've even used it to make composition images of the same wildlife subjects. No animals were harmed in the taking or making of my images. Have one hanging over my couch, couple in the dinning room, down the hallway, sold a few prints directly, maybe sell even more over the internet starting this summer after I get my house this summer that is even further out in the burbs and slightly up the mountain than I already am I hope to get more birds, more rabbits, and small mammals, maybe more deer, maybe an elk or two, some bob cats, a mountain lion, could even see some bear. Money, money, money all around.

That video reminded me of a Kia commercial featuring Michele Wie skeet shooting.

I've been shooting cameras professionally for almost 30 years and I've been shooting guns for 10 years. I would choose guns over cameras any day of the week! The only problem is that I can't earn a living with guns... legally anyway.