Three Main Ways to Sync Strobes to Your Camera

When it comes to off-camera lighting with strobes, there are three main ways to sync your camera so the lights fire when you click the shutter. In this week’s video with Jay P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens, he goes over the three ways to sync your strobes.

The first method of using a sync cable is the most reliable, but also comes with some big disadvantages as well as a safety issue. In a pinch, it could also be a lifesaver so it’s always good to have the cables with you. Morgan has a strobe cable emergency kit that he carries with him which includes various sync cables with different connections and adapters. After watching this video, I may have to come up with a smaller kit for myself.

The second method is using a speedlight as the trigger to your strobes while they are set in slave mode, which works well indoors but no so much outside. The third method I believe is the most popular, which is using some sort of remote flash and camera triggering system. There are plenty to choose from on the market that varies in price as well as a range of distance you can use them. Depending on what kind you decide to use, don’t forget to carry spare batteries for them. Which method do you use to sync your strobes with your camera?

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