[Updated] Nikon Updates D600 and D800(E) Firmware

Finally, Nikon has released a firmware update to address some minor issues. Some major features include 100% viewfinder in HDMI-out (up from 95%) in the D600, improved AF-C tracking performance for the D800, and support in both cameras for that new 800mm f/5.6 that I know you all ordered recently... Update: Even more DSLR firmware updates added from Nikon, too!

Below are quick clips of the performance improvements and bug fixes you'll see in the new firmware. One odd note is that there's a mention of Adobe RGB gamut tweaking on the monitor of the camera, citing an improvement in vivid picture display. However, there's no mention of whether or not this improves the actual accuracy of the colors (of course, it can't be perfect...).

Update the firmware for your D600, D800, or D800E by clicking on the model and following the directions. Let us know what you think!

Update: You can also download firmware updates for the following cameras by clicking on these links:

While some updates are more major, others are simply for compatibility with Nikon's new 800mm f/5.6 lens. But Nikon will tell you what the changes are on the site when you download the update.

Want to check if there's an update for some other gear of yours? Check out the current versions here.

D600 firmware update changes/fixes:
D600 Firmware Update

D800/D800E firmware update changes/fixes:
D800:D800E Firmware Update

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Jack's picture

What a cruel joke. No left AF point fix for D800. Oh well, I guess I can use my 800mm f/5.6 now.

Adam's picture

For those wondering, from what I've heard, this actually needs to be fixed by Nikon technicians. Some people have had success sending theirs in under warranty.

Pete Charlesworth's picture

it is also for the D4 D3s D3x D3 D7000 & D3200 - cheers

Zik's picture

Its a shame D7000 update doesn't include any fix concerning metering inconsistency between shots in same light conditions.

Daniel Blake's picture

Let's hope this addresses the green tint.. I love my 800 so much! but the colour on the LCD is so different to the D3s it's scary!

Phocus Artiisan C Jr.'s picture

No Firmware adjustment to allow the 600 to become more customizable like the 700 -___-

ADAM L Photography's picture

Ran the update, the screen seems more natural and warm on my d800, will test tomorrow in the daylight to make sure!...it's about time!

Yin's picture

Adam, as far as my personal testing on my three D800's go, it is the Auto WB showing incorrect colors on the monitor only. If you don't fine tune the WB, they will open fine in LR or PS. I believe it would be more appropriate to test it indoor with window light, and use Auto WB to see if the green casting is fixed. Outdoor daylight has always be working.

Pho To's picture

The Firmware isn't changing....I've tried with both the SD and the Compact cards...I get the Update screen I hit Yes the OK...the screen sits there for a while then turns off...I turn the camera off ...remove the card...go to check the version and its still A=1.00 B=1.01

Tried multiple times....What gives?

Pho To's picture

Never mind....you have to hit the OK button on the left side...I was hitting the middle dial button on the right...which I've always understood to be the OK button :)

Nick Sakowski's picture

oh didnt see your response! glad it worked!

Nick Sakowski's picture

do you have both memory cards in at the same time? that was my issue. only use the card with the file

Derek Hui's picture

The biggest issue with the D600 right now is that there is no tether support for Lightroom : (

sklsmk's picture

I updated my D800 firmware but there seems to still be no difference in the way the Live View works. Has anyone else had this issue?

Yin Tang's picture

As far as I could tell, this firmware fixed the D800 green tinted LCD screen with this firmware. Only took you 9 months and without officially admitting there is a problem, good job Nikon, proud of you.

Ana's picture

anybody continues have problems oil spots with D600 ???

Spy Black's picture

I had oil/dirt on my sensor right out of the box! I knew there would be this issue going in, so frankly I didn't care. This camera is too awesome to let that worry you. A quick wipe with a sensor cleaner did the trick. I'll put up with it until the alleged 3000 frame point at which this supposedly stops happening.

Considering I change lenses a lot, I don't ever see myself not cleaning my sensor on a regular basis, so this point is really moot for me. Interestingly, the MK IIs at the studio I work with are constantly getting dirty sensors. Not really sure why that is, unless really all cameras do this, just that the D600 does it more than most. Up front, anyway.

Ana's picture


More Opinions please?

Vincent Cascio's picture

is there tether support for the D800 in Lightroom yet?

Rodders's picture

mine is not giving the option to update. (D800)

Timm's picture

Mine too - resolved yet? The _ file is on my SD card, but its not ' seen ' by the D800.

Not sure if you tried this yet, but go into your "Shooting Menu" and designate the "Primary Slot Selection" as the SD card. As the update only looks at the primary slot, this may solve your issue.

Timm's picture

Thanks for the reply! I was not loading the update onto the main directory on the SD card! Once I put it onto the SD card in its own ' right ' - worked fine.

DeWitt Eaton's picture

Don't know if anybody else has had this issue, but since updating my D800 I can no longer format my cards without going into the Menus function. Anybody else experiencing this?

Georgi Anastasov's picture

The screen is still the same GREEN CRAP!!! I just can't wait to get rid of this camera:((( /D800E/

tedtedsen's picture

i had the d800 i sold it now i have 5dmk3 and im so happey no green caste on my lcd faster fps better buffer longer battery life more focuspoints and crosstypes faster autofocus better iso in mowies at night or dim light 6400 no problem d800 is usless in 6400 at dim light