[Video] With Your Help We Can Make The Largest Digital Camera Ever

Last year we had a meet up in Arizona and I was lucky enough to meet Zeke, a mechanical engineer who works on some of the most impressive digital cameras on the planet (and off the planet). I was able to hold one of these cameras and learn a thing or two about what it can do. These large cameras are mainly used in space to take exposures that last literally hours but Zeke told me that he wanted to make one of these into a working camera that any photographer could use (on planet earth).

Zeke explained that these sensors are so incredibly expensive, his company will not be willing to spend the money to produce this camera unless they see a large enough response. So guys, this comes down to you. If you can comment below and on Youtube and share this video on Facebook, Twitter, and your personal blogs, we may just be able to convince Spectral Instruments that this could be a valuable marketing move. If this camera ever does get made. I will fly anywhere in the world to do a photoshoot with it and film a BSTV. Let's make this happen people!

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Eric Chan's picture

Would love to see some shots from this!  Part of the challenge is mounting this onto something, or vice versa.

Marian Badea's picture

I couldn't afford it, but I want it made. :D maybe we could rent it. :D

Marian Badea's picture

OK, after watching the video I'm pretty sure they already made up their mind to make this camera.

I'm all for it, but who foots the bill? lol

Seriously, make that happen! That is one chance to just set a milestone in digital photography - if it contributes anything that makes sense or not, doesn´t matter. It´s a once in lifetime chance to do something like this - and at least, Zeke will forever be the FIRST ONE who did it...

Please call this monstre as: "Click Norris"!!! :D

Lee -- can you attach that badboy to a Gigapan (
http://gigapan.com/cms/shop/store) and make the largest gigapixel image in the history of the world?  You'll need a couple or terabytes but surely there is a Guinness Book Record involved in it....

Zeke, all of the great photographers you mentioned in the video would have a field day with that camera.  Just remember the Moby C, they didn't know what it would be used for when they built it and it enabled Joe McNally to produce some very powerful images of 9/11. I know it's a LOT of money for a small company but if you build great things great people will do amazing things with it.  

Someone mentioned Kickstarted, I'd kick in a few bucks and I'm sure there is a big enough crowd sourcing community to fund a lot of it.

Build it and they will come.  They'll pay at least $2000 per day and $300 per print if need be.  That has already been proven.


Do it! Make it happen!

Scott English Milam's picture

This is so exciting! I would be so happy to see these images!

Nathan Hamler's picture

haha they should have ended the video with Zeke's boss coming in and being like "ZEKE! what the hell have i told you about bringing our equipment into the break room and filming these things!!" hahahah very cool, i'd love to see the results of a shoot with something like this!

Sweet! Ofc it would be great promotion and worth it. Every single magazine and paper with any interest tech or photography would write about this beast. Do it!

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

that thing was so heavy

I can just imagine what a nighttime timelapse with this would look like.  Depth of field flexibility that would be unheard of and bigger than IMAX-sized imagery would make this absolutely mind-blowing.  Someday this will be done -- I just hope it happens soon and would love these folks to be the ones who get credit for a groundbreaking project like this!

Jules Vaillancourt Laporte's picture

do it and ill rent one for sure!

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I'm looking forward for this and love to see the result :)

Oooh the possibilities. I have a million ideas to pursue with a camera like that. If only it could find its way to my hands....

Do it!!!

Maybe you could bring the camera to South Africa and take some mind blowing Landscapes in the Namakwa area of our land. Would go a long way to promoting the project and making it something different. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and the desert produces flowers once a year that is mind blowing. I think black and whites would be mind blowing.

I think an art Landscape project using Yosemite would be another brilliant idea. 

Anyhow it would be a shame to not do a project like this. And I think you would be able to generate a lot of publicity.

Jason Peters's picture

I've got a large format project that this would be perfect for... just sayin'

Elliott.G.Montello's picture

WOW! This it needs to be made!

Andrew Agerbak's picture

It's gotta be done...

Rafal Pikul's picture

Like it! :)

want.. please.. more than happy to test

that could be very cool, a 4x5 sensor or on that is purely set for IR photography in such a large format.. great!


A Montrealer from Université de Montréal actuallly created a controleur that surpasses anything yet. It actually sees the photons, even in the dark: 

When your first client is NASA, you know you've made it.

Chris Peters's picture

This would be amazing to work with. I'm not sure I would know what to shoot, probably everything, until I figure out what it's best at. Landscape, studio work, surrealism and so on. I would love to try it.

let-s make it, i will buy one.

Emcee Grady's picture

Carl Zeiss for the lens and Philip bloom taking the picture.

I need it to shoot infrared so I can see through the pigments in ancient paintings. I would take it back to the Bonampak Murals and photograph each wall as a single image, and also have it mosaic the walls for higher-res individual images. I did this previously with Kodak's high speed b&w infrared 35mm film, but the Bonampak Murals Documentation project would be better served with images from the largest digital camera every made. http://wooddellphoto.com/2011/07/knowing-what-we-know/

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