Wacom Announces Its Most Affordable Pen Display: Wacom One

At CES 2020, Wacom announced a new pen display tablet: Wacom One. Unlike the pro pen display series like Cintiq Pro, the new Wacom One is more affordable and it has some new interesting features.

At first glance, this new entry-level pen display has a matte 13.3” LCD screen that feels like a natural paper. With the 1920x1080 pixels resolution, the screen has approximately 166 PPI, supporting 72% of NTSC (CIE1931) color space. The LCD panel is made of an AHVA IPS panel allowing 170 degrees of viewing angle and providing 80% luminance uniformity.

On the outside, the tablet has foldable stand and a pen holder attached to the plastic casing. Unlike some other Wacom pen displays that comes bundled with Wacom Pro Pen, the Wacom One comes with the Wacom One Pen, which is battery-free, cordless and supporting 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. However, users can also use other compatible pens, such as; Staedtler Noris, Lamy EMR and Samsung’s Tab S Pen. According to Wacom, more pens will be added to the list in the near future.

Like the other Wacom products, the new Wacom One is compatible with Mac and Windows, but it can also be used with Android devices. Wacom One is now available for $399.95 in US and £359.00 in the UK.

On paper, there are better pen displays for more professional uses in Wacom’s lineup, however considering the price point, Wacom One looks like a good option for those who wants to try pen displays in their workflows.

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Andrey Lutsenko's picture

I feel like Wacom is playing catchup much like Canon had to. For the price point there are options with much more features.

Stephen Dalton's picture

I think Huawei delivering useable equipment at 1/5 the price shook them up.

Gil N's picture

Finally Wacom is catching up with Huion et al price tags or that same type of devices. Nice to see but as always, other less known manufacturers offer way more from the same price.