Want to Take 4K Video with Your Phone? Meet Acer's New Liquid S2

Want to Take 4K Video with Your Phone? Meet Acer's New Liquid S2

Cell phone makers are really pushing the envelope with image quality in phones these days. It seems like new phones can't be released onto the market without some totally new and crazy feature enticing you to buy it. First was the Nokia Lumia 1020, now the Acer Liquid S2 which is the first smartphone to record 4K video. The new 6-inch phone will be Acer's latest attempt to make headway in the cell phone market where they have been generally unsuccessful thus far.

Though initially only available in Europe (sorry United States and Asia), Acer's new phone is packed with a Snapdragon 800 chip, clocks in at 2.2GHz and is supported by 2GB of RAM. It is also, of course, ready for 4G LTE connectivity in addition to the 4K camera.

The S2 only comes loaded with 16 GB of onboard memory, which means that anyone who wants to take advantage of the video capabilities is going to need some memory cards. Speaking of which, the phone is ready to accept as high as 128 GB SDvcards. The camera itself is 13-megapixels, can fire quickly from the lock screen and comes with an LED ring flash.

For those of you wondering why you would want this kind of feature in your phone, think about stock video websites. 4K footage can fetch quite a bit on the open market (at least for now, but who knows when the sites are saturated with it).

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6" cell phone?????? sheesh is there any end to cell phone size????

Is it a brick, or a cell phone? It's a brick AND a cell phone: http://tinyurl.com/k45ehem

A 6 or 7 inch cell phone/mini tablet is something that I would personally love to have. It still fits in my pocket, gives a decent amount of screen space and as long as it is fast enough, gives plenty of options for usage. Why would I want two devices if I can just make it one?

I actually prefer larger cellphones. but then I basically use them as a tablet and e-reader more than I make phone calls.

I think the fact that we are talking about a cell phone shooting 4k is a problem in itself.


I heard David Lynch is planning to shoot his next feature entirely on a &¨$ˇ¥%¯‡ Lumia 1020. http://youtu.be/wKiIroiCvZ0

Just because you can doesn't mean that you should.

I've seen that, and I mostly agree with him, but they're great for watching crap like "the social network" or stuff like Aquateen Hunger Force on the train.

Both Sony and Samsung are set to announce phones with 4K video in a couple of days at IFA in Berlin. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two more show up as well. The Snapdragon 800 supports 4K natively, so any device with that chip has the capability as far as hardware goes.

4k on a cellphone?
that's just stupid. take the money spent on the sensor and use it on a better lens, or a higher quality, lower resolution sensor. even 1080p is pointless on a cellphone.

Think the world isn't ready yet for 4K video shooting on mobile devices. However, Nokia's newest Lumia 1020 looks VERY tempting!

I can wait to see the 4K vertical videos of kids being dumb on youtube.