What You Need to Know About ND Filters for Photography

ND filters are some of the most commonly used photography accessories out there, and they are great for both creative and technical applications. If you have not used them before, this great video will show you how they work and what they are useful for. 

Coming to you from Mike Smith, this awesome video will show you the ins and outs of ND filters and how they affect your images. Simply put, ND filters are just darkened glass that reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor or film. You can buy them at various strengths to cause correspondingly different reductions. The standard strengths are three stops, six stops, and ten stops, though you can go higher and lower as well. They have both creative and technical uses. For example, if you are shooting outside with a flash that does not have HSS and want to use a wide aperture, you may need one to bring your shutter speed back below the sync speed. They also have a range of creative uses. Most notably, landscape photographers frequently use them to smooth over moving water or clouds in the sky for creative effect. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Smith. 

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Wolfgang Post's picture

If this video were a Wikipedia article, it would have the header 'This article is a stud. Please help to improve it.' I'm sure there are many more and many better videos on YT to bring up here.

Mike Smith's picture

Thanks for your feedback Wolfgang. I did point to another video at the end of this one that goes into more detail about long exposures, but I'll try to make sure it isn't so much of a "stud" next time...

Jan Holler's picture

Wolfgang, that is not fair. The video is short, just 2:21, please consider that. That said, the statements were clear and the examples visualized them well. Well done for 2:21.