What Sony a7S III Owners Need to Know About Its Dual ISO

After years of waiting, one of the most highly anticipated cameras ever is finally beginning to ship to customers. Here’s what those lucky individuals should know about the Sony a7S III’s dual ISO for recording the cleanest image.

If you made it onto the pre-order list early and are anticipating your Sony a7S III’s arrival any day now, professional filmmaker Philip Bloom has a new video for you. During his initial review and testing, Bloom noted that the camera had characteristics of dual ISO despite Sony claiming there to be technically no such thing in the a7S III. In this follow up, he now has a production model in hand to share his findings as far as where you can expect the switch to occur in any Picture Profile such as S-Log 3/2, HLG, and Cinetone.

Further, Bloom does us all a great favor by also walking through his personal settings for how he set up the a7S III. While you may not want to copy his exact shooting settings and have six(!) pages of My Menu options, it’s still a very helpful starting point to jog your mind on how you may want to adapt it to your needs.

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