What's It Like Working on a 49-Inch Ultrawide Display?

Many photographers and videographers like to work on dual-monitor setups with the two screens side by side, but that can cause some complicated logistics with connections and the like, and of course, it can be quite annoying to have bezels right in the middle of your vision. Can you solve that problem with an ultrawide monitor? This great video takes a look at LG's 49-inch monster to help answer that question.

Coming to you from B&H, this helpful video takes a look at the LG 49WL95C-W 49" 32:9 Curved UltraWide HDR IPS Monitor. With a whopping 5,120 by 1,440 resolution, the monitor is essentially two 27-inch 1440p monitors put together, but without the hassle and visual disturbance of bezels in the center of the setup. For photographers or videographers who often switch between windows, have multiple apps open simultaneously, or could use extra space for working with timelines and the like, such a monitor might seem ideal. LG also wisely included software to manage the way the monitor uses space so things don't get too unwieldy. All in all, it seems like an intriguingly different option that may end up being quite useful for some of us. Check out the video above for more. 

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jacob kerns's picture

Not if it's curved. I had one I hated it for design and photography it messes with your head trying to correct lines. Editing video was okay but I would rather have a flat one with a matte screen. For watching videos, playing games and surfing the internet they work great.

michaeljin's picture

What's the Adobe RGB coverage?

Alex Cooke's picture

99%, I believe.

Justin Braase's picture

I do mostly video work with a 34" curved Samsung monitor and I love the real estate it offers when working in video editors. It gives great room for every window and in something like Resolve when I color grade, it offers more space to view additional scopes and other tools. I also appreciate when I'm working on a project in Premiere that requires After Effects integration and I can snap both apps to each side of the screen when I need to tweak something in AE, save it, and watch it pop up on the project window in PPRO. It's certainly not a necessity, but it's nice to work with.
(Aaaaand it's also fun playing video games in 21:9....feels more cinematic!)

Deleted Account's picture

A monitor to bring you the torticollis…
(Tor tee COW lee)

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

Nice to watch movies, but it's a nightmare to edit images! I know size matters, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Murry Cave's picture

I do a lot of photo processing and a lot of GIS. Tried a curved screen and it did not go well. 32" 4k flat screen coupled with the 27" 5K iMac is a good work space...been thinking of moving to 2x 32" though to improve realestate for hi res satellite imagery.

Cedric TOSONI's picture

How does a graphics tablet behave with this type of ratio?