Why Does Hollywood Use These Cameras?

Gear Acquisition Syndrome is something we've all had at some point. Unfortunately, it's a steep gradient with some of the most desirable gear costing small fortunes. The Arri Alexa sits near the peak of the mountain.

There is an obsession with "cinematic" looks to images and videos. I want to stand away from it and sneer at it as a fad, but I can't; I love cinema and the look commonly associated with it. Well, in this video, Matti Haapoja teams up with fellow videographer Gene Negata (Potato Jet) to discuss the Arri Alexa and its beautiful footage.

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Camera wasn’t even on. #StagedAF

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The more I dip my toe in to video waters, the more I become curious about the difference between the high-end Arri and RED cameras, and high-end DSLRs with video capabilities. There is a discernible difference, but for the most part, the difference doesn't always justify the price or the weight of the unit. In fact, the cumbersome nature of the Alexa can easily be forgotten until you say an average sized person having to mount it on their shoulder like an RPG and cling on to two handles.

Honestly, I think I prefer Gene Nagata's above setup instead!

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Martin Van Londen's picture

He dose not properly balance the camera in this video. So some of his complaints are flawed.

It's hard for YouTubers to pretend to know what they are talking about

michaeljin's picture

Diminishing returns.

Terrible, just trying so hard to make content and look cool. Typical Youtubers. Anyone else tired of the constant clickbait, I know high school kids by this garbage but should professionals or people with actual jobs be watching this junk?

Also enough with the ads for Onewheel

Daniel Bayer's picture

They use this kind of cameras because their movies are not a bunch of trendy B-Roll scenes filmed at 120fps.

100% right here. Wish the guys posting this content would consider such things rather than give validation (unless its a paid ad?)

Spy Black's picture

"Why Does Hollywood Use These Cameras?"

It's called "the 'ol boy network"...

Lee Christiansen's picture

Bless you... No it's because these workhorse cameras deliver reliably and with spectacular results.

It has long been recognised that ARRI has some of the best colour science in the world of digital cinema - better than RED for sure. This goes beyond using a colour chart or grading.

The film world has big budgets, but hardly a penny is wasted in the camera department. No one spends a £££ unless it is justified. Before any production the DoP will do tests on a specific set of lenses with different cameras and ascertain which to use with particular grade and look in mind.

ARRI has carved out a reputation in the world of cinema - for very good reason.

Spy Black's picture

Well that's the hype you'd expect to hear of course. But it's just the 'ol boy network washing hands...

Martin Van Londen's picture

I don’t think they went enough into bit depth. That is the real reason “Hollywood” uses cinema cameras instead of DSLR and Miorrless. DSLRs are fine for YouTube. But once you exit the internet it’s important to have higher but depth.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

It's called flaccid compensation!