Why the Fujifilm X-T3 Is a Probably Better Choice Over the X-T4

Over the last few years, Fujifilm has produced several brilliant mirrorless cameras. The X-T line of cameras and the X100 series are my favorites. Fujifilm frequently updates these cameras, and this greater selection means that there are better value options available if you don't need the latest and greatest. 

In a recent video from Kinotika, Zach Mayfield discusses the differences between the Fujifilm X-T3 and the X-T4. Right now, the biggest difference is the price point. You can purchase an X-T3 for less than $1,000, whereas the X-T4 is almost $1,700. The price difference is pretty significant; however, the differences in features and specifications aren't. 

For example, the sensor in the latest camera is the same as the previous model, meaning that if you're a photographer, there's very little to gain by purchasing the latest model. The autofocus performs very similarly, and image quality is identical. Also, the fact that it's not a tilt screen may annoy some photographers that don't like fully articulating ones. 
The addition of IBIS could be helpful for some photographers, although it depends on your shooting style and environment. 

For videographers, there are a few compelling features that may sway some; however, considering the price difference, I still think the previous model is far better value for money. 

Check out the full video linked above to see all of the major differences between both cameras. 

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stuartcarver's picture

I still can’t see past my XT2 Usman, it’s never felt underpowered in any way

Usman Dawood's picture

Well, that's probably because it's a brilliant camera :). It's shocking how much of a bargain that camera is now.

stuartcarver's picture

It’s like less than 400 quid on MPB isn’t it? Ridiculous. I was lucky enough to win mine in a comp that PP magazine was running, and it’ll be getting used until it’s dead, which is hopefully a long time.

Reyes Adobe's picture

I think Fuji addressed a lot of the things Fuji users had issues with in the previous models. The xt4 for a couple hundred more is worth the upgrade. I won't go into details but if you would like too.


@ 9min.

I'm really satisfied with my upgrade.

Paul Eike's picture

With the XT3 body on sale for $999.99, the XT4 is more than just “a couple hundred more”.

Timothy Linn's picture

You post a YouTube link as though you've somehow proven that there is a correct answer to the X-T3 vs X-T4 question. Fuji did address issues with the design of the X-T4—battery life and IBIS—that many people complained about but it was at a cost in terms of size, weight and expense. Most people would probably agree that the size and weight penalties are worth it. But are IBIS and improved battery life worth an extra $700? Reasonable people can definitely differ on that question. And the flippy screen is actually a negative for half the user base so reasonable people can differ on that too. I tend to agree with Usman. For anyone on a budget, $700 goes a long way toward paying for any of Fuji's best lenses and if you prefer the X-T3's 3-way tilt rear LCD then that's even more of an argument in favor of the X-T3. But if you like flippy screens and the price difference is no problem for you then you can't go wrong with the X-T4.

Reyes Adobe's picture

Hi Timothy,

I didn't say I proved anything. I do think $700 is reasonable. I'm just sharing my opinion.

Geoff Smith's picture

I just updated from the X-T2 to the X-T4 and am happy with the upgrade. For me, it was worth the extra money. I shoot a lot of my grandsons’ school concerts where having a tripod is awkward, so the IBIS really comes in handy. I do hate the fully reticulating LCD. The one used in the X-T2 and X-T3 is much better.

Pedro Pulido's picture

I have to disagree. As a previous owner of an Xt2 and now owner of an XH1 who has worked with both the T3 and T4, i have to say that the IBIS in the T4 is beyond comparison with the H1 and the real deciding factor to go for that option. The stability of it is by miles the best in the Fuji-X-Kingdom and one of the main reasons why the T4 is by far a worthy camera to invest.

Sridhar Chilimuri's picture

I think the xt3 is a great camera but the batteries remain a problem. Xt4 corrects that major issue. Adding image stabilization is a plus. Autofocus has improved too. In summary I think it is an improvement - worth the cost? Always an argument if you keep upgrading every year.

Timothy Linn's picture

Good points, Sridhar. If Fuji had remained faithful to their Kaizen philosophy with the X-T3, there would be far less of a difference between the two cameras in terms of feature set and AF. On one hand, this may be an argument for the X-T4. On the other hand, it could be a cautionary sign for anyone who is attracted to Fujifilm because of past Kaizen. To this point, Fuji has gone the way of Canon, seemingly holding back the X-T3's feature set to encourage sales of the X-T4. In fact, the X-T3, one of Fuji's most successful bodies ever, hasn't even received feature parity with the X-Pro3 that was released a year ago.

zeissiez lee's picture

Photograph with a flipped out screen is like driving a car with the head sticking out of the side window.

Usman Dawood's picture

Made me think of Ave Ventura haha

stuartcarver's picture

Yes, it’s definitely as likely to kill you, having that screen flipped out.

Tarek El Wazzi's picture

Ive been trying to find good decent content and reviews for the XT3 performance in nightscape photography but havent found much. How does it perform in high iso levels?

I have a Canon 6d which is a beast in these conditions, and a xt10 which i want to sell and get the xt3 for as a decent travel lightweight cam for hiking etc... but i am interested in using it as a secondary cam for my nightscape outings.

Any help or links would be great

Thank you!!!

stuartcarver's picture

Im in no way an astro photographer, or particularly good at it, but i do have a night shot on my profile if you want to take a look to see what you think of the high ISO performance, this is the X-T2 but its pretty much the same for both cameras i believe. You can easily use ISO 6400 on the Fuji's with no issue, or at least i think so but then im not an ISO snob so maybe the wrong person to comment.

Tarek El Wazzi's picture

Thank you for the reply, your night shot looks pretty clean. Very nice profile also!! If the XT2 can reach 6400 and return some good quality then the XT3 shouldnt be an issue.
Thanks a lot!!

stuartcarver's picture

No probs, my avatar photo (if thats what it is called) is a handheld shot with the Xf23mm at ISO5000 too, its a bit noisy as you would expect but certainly nothing to worry about. And thanks appreciate it:)