Will Canon’s Next EOS M Camera Be a 'Pro' Model With In-Body Stabilization?

Will Canon’s Next EOS M Camera Be a 'Pro' Model With In-Body Stabilization?

Speculation is increasing that Canon has two new EOS M cameras due to appear later this year, with suggestions that one of them might be an entirely new model. Given that Canon seems to have shifted its attitude towards in-body stabilization, could one of these new cameras feature IBIS?

With the greatly anticipated EOS R5 confirmed to have IBIS, Canon seems to have changed its attitude towards the technology. “We feel that in-lens IS is the optimum system for image stabilization,” Canon told the world in September 2018, before hinting that it might be working on IBIS. The shift to mirrorless has certainly made its implementation more straightforward. 

Sure enough, Canon has since embraced IBIS, demonstrating again that it prefers to wait until it feels that a technology is fully developed before including it in its products, and perhaps responding to the pressure of successful IBIS in cameras from other manufacturers. However, those expecting IBIS in a new EOS M camera might want to dial back the anticipation. Last September, there was “a very solid source” claiming that the recently announced 1D X Mark III would have IBIS, along with a significant increase in megapixels — two rumors that proved false. (In their defense, this source claimed to be referring to what was present in prototypes, not what will be included in the final product.)

One positive sign is the tireless work done by Canon News and its readers in sifting through Canon’s patents. In December, they unearthed a patent application that detailed an IBIS system for smaller Canon cameras. Furthermore, this was not early development of a system; according to Canon Watch the level of detail suggested that Canon was “far along the process of delivering Powershot and EOS-M cameras with IBIS.”

In addition, the potential for IBIS ties in with a couple of other details. Firstly, sources are suggesting that one of the new EOS M models will sit above the M6 Mark II. As mooted by Canon News, along with IBIS, this M7 may also include other “pro” features such as weather sealing.

Would this be a smart move from Canon? What would this mean for the possibility of an RF-mount APS-C camera? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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I don't think a camera body can ever be considered a true "pro" model until there are a stable of pro-grade lenses offered in its native mount.

Indeed. And Canon will never deliver that to the M mount.

I fear buying native ef-m lenses because they can become obsolete any time and lose so much of it's value. That is why I use adapted EF lenses on my Canon M50.

If they showed true commitment by releasing new cameras and new lenses, I might buy into the system. But for now I won't.