Will the Sony a7S III Contain a Fan so That It Can Shoot 4K 120p?

Rumors emerging regarding the long-awaited Sony a7S III might blow you away: it’s thought that Sony’s forthcoming video-centric hybrid will contain a ventilation system, allowing it to shoot 4K 120p.

Sony Alpha Rumors is suggesting that a “reliable source” saw a prototype of the camera a few months ago that shot 4K at 120 frames per second and features a vent on the rear of the camera to disperse heat. Sony’s earlier A7S models are known to have struggled with overheating in the past, and heat dissipation has often been a limiting factor for manufacturers when it comes to delivering higher-resolution video.

While 4K 120p will certainly be impressive, many video shooters are waiting for absolute confirmation that the new camera will shoot 4K 60p at 10 bit 4:2:2 and how it will compare to the 6K 24p offered by the recently-launched Panasonic S1H.

The delay in announcing the successor to the Sony a7S II is in stark contrast to the unexpected arrival of the a7R IV launched recently. Fans are waiting to find out what Sony is planning to squeeze into the a7S III, and while it seems inevitable that the video specifications will be cutting edge, many users are eager to find out if Sony is able to match the stabilization offered by Panasonic.

So, will this fan blow you away? Or will it suck? Is this rumor accurate and, more importantly, how many fan-related puns can you muster in the comments? Leave your thoughts below.

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S M's picture

Sony, if you're listening. Just announce the f'n thing already!

Christ, the A7Siii is the ONLY thing stopping me from jumping onboard with the Blackmagic 6K, and the only reason I haven't is because I have invested in Sony glass...

Olivier M. Mischon's picture

Jump ship. Its phones and BM from now on. Samyang has great dual use cine glass. Sony and the other amateur brands are dead horses. BM is hardware and software integrated. Android works just great as an cam OS with connectivity. You also can get way more doodahs for the money.

Nacona Nix's picture

Having any of the internal components of a camera exposed to added humidity is not a terribly sound idea.

Rod Kestel's picture

Gonna chew batteries

Just me's picture

4K 120p, RAW... yes, sure... (but 15,000 USD if so)

Nils Heininger's picture

You want cheap comments? I make it simple: Whatever they will put in their cameras: I will never become a sony fan!

g coll's picture

I agree, Nils but what are your reasons? Is it the colour science or the ergonomics, the glass, the menu system? Elaborate my friend :)

Nils Heininger's picture

It was just a fan joke. Truly speaking, I dont like the ergonomics. If that suited better and I had money, I'd go all in. At the moment, though, I feel that there is too much hot air around the camera ;)

Anthony Mak's picture

How can you weather seal a camera that has a fan & vents? That's an oxymoron. Vents would be trouble waiting to happen. Solving overheating with specs that 'exceed expectations' is definitely the technical dilemma holding up development. I bet engineering is really pissed with marketing right now!

Anthony Mak's picture

That said, it might be possible to build a very thin walled weather-sealed metal tube (squished almost flat) that attaches to the heat sink and runs through the camera with a weather-sealed intake fan at one vent and output fan at the other. Positioning the vents would be a problem, underneath the camera bottom left (viewed from the back) is an option, front of camera bottom left or somewhere on top. There's no room on the back of the camera without losing buttons (requiring a complete redesign).

This design would increase the surface area significantly and pull fresh air through the camera without compromising weather-sealing. The main chamber could even have multiple branches running through the camera (also sealed) to reach other hotspots.