[Woops] The Easiest Way To Lose $2400 In 24 Seconds

I'll always remember a friend of mine saying that he loved the Canon 5D Mark II for film making because it was expendable and cheap compared to "real" video cameras (he crashed a lot of them). For most of us, having any piece of gear break is heartbreaking especially when it comes from our own stupidity lack of foresight. Such was the case for filmmaker and 3D Animator Kurtis Hough as he was doing a little beach videography. While on set for what appears to be The Goonies II, Kurtis encountered something pretty scary. After watching the video below you might want to reconsider not insuring your photo gear.

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1st rule at the beach "Look for the wet spot and expect more water to show up there real soon".  =)  2nd rule is, stay pretty close to your gear so that when a tidal wave hits you can at least be holding your baby when you both eat it.  Ok maybe these are my made up rules but still, common sense?

One word..... GoPro



*UPDATE* B&H Replaces The Camera for free.It turns out that B&H Photo sent Kurtis a new camera on the house.

Ouch :)

Is it weird that my heart actually started pounding faster and faster as the video progressed?? smh...

Seriously, there's gonna be a Goonies 2?

@facebook-1006335422:disqus So, let me get this straight. The guy stupidly let his camera get washed away and B&H replaced it for free?? Why?

Just reading the title made me cringe.

This video gave me nightmares! 

I've shot at Cannon Beach in Oregon before (which I believe is where this is), and those tides can sneak up on you! I feel for the OP.

I'm surprised the file played. I would have thought it would not have saved properly. 
Anybody have any info. on if they had to do any kind of data recovery?

its good chance to switch to nikon...

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Oh my i would die if that happened to my Mark II...  insurance or not

It looks slow, but seriously anyone live on the Oregon Coast?  You can stand and watch the waves for an hour and then one will sneak up on you.  Hence the term "sneaker wave"  I was hit with one two years ago but my camera lived.

It says '48 Comments' on the index page but when I got here I can only see 15.

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Umm, underwater housing anyone?